Jackson Carlaw stands with Priti Patel and betrays his care home owner donors

On Reporting Scotland, last night, Carlaw stood firm behind the Home Office edcit on care home workers from the EU:

Carlaw said:

If we find after it’s come into place that there are still deficiencies then those are things that can be corrected but I don’t automatically (sic) believe that the care home sector will be unable to recruit the right people inot it. As I say, I think the important thing is that we see the skills and reward within the care home sector reflected and properly recognised given the work that they’ve done over the last few months.

There are no questions from the BBC reporter. As shock jock Dan Wootton would say, it’s just a puff piece for the Scottish Cons.

Carlaw’s borderline socialist words will surely shock major Tory donor and pro-Union activist, Robert Kilgour:

From the P&J in April:

Robert Kilgour is a successful care home entrepreneur, who has also donated large sums to the Conservative Party and campaigned against Scottish independence. Born in Edinburgh, brought up in Fife and educated at Loretto School, he splits his time between London and Fife.

Last year it was reported that he had donated more than £200,000 to the Tories since 2010. He founded the Scottish online right wing political think-tank Think Scotland as well as SBUK, described as the “voice of pro-Union business people operating in Scotland”.


Kilgour has already expressed serious concerns about staff costs of the kind Carlaw seems to be promoting. Speaking to a Holyrood committee in 2017:

I feel very strongly that the independent sector provides good quality of care and very good financial value for taxpayer’s money. However, after several really tough years, there is simply no fat left in the sector to absorb the significant increases in costs involved in these increases in pay, even if they are welcomed and deserved. I am seriously worried that we are very close to reaching a tipping point for the care home sector in Scotland.


Evidence of ‘fat-levels‘ in Kilgour’s many business interests is beyond my abilities to expose but it has been suggested that, in his Dow Investments company, he is ‘worth over £700 million.’


6 thoughts on “Jackson Carlaw stands with Priti Patel and betrays his care home owner donors”

  1. I am sure that given the choice, the Scottish government would much prefer to have state owned, well run care homes for the people of Scotland, with properly trained staff, well paid for their skills. Who was it that set up all of these private care homes in the first place, presumably due to under investment of state run care homes. Someone must have seen a chink in the service, then made a packet.

    Just the idea of a ‘care home entrepenuer’ is quite sickening, making money ie huge profits, out of people needing care. Priti Polly just oozes nssty, get a chill everytime I see her photo, brrrrrr.

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    1. ArtyHetty asks who set up private care homes? It was done by the Tories in the late 1980s/early 90s (a legacy of Thatcher & Major era) as part of a privatisation drive and an obvious way for them to benefit their pals and part-dismantle the NHS.


      1. would it not be a good thing for the scottish government to own the care homes as they are paying for a lot of patients, instead of the money going to a private individual it would be going back to the governmentj.

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  2. The only “immigrants” cardboard cut-out Geppetto Carlotti likes, are those policies which migrate (or just grate) from England to Scotland.
    Doesnt matter what they are, or who they affect. Carlotti likes them all.


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