Nova Scotia does what Auld Scotia cannot to save lives

Daily new confirmed cases in USA and Canada with Canada closing its border.

England yesterday, 372 new cases but Scotland only 3. Taking account of population difference, infection level in England is 37 times higher but border stays open.

8 thoughts on “Nova Scotia does what Auld Scotia cannot to save lives”

  1. Even though Nova Scotia is part of a ‘Union’, viz Canada, there is a proper federal arrangement with clearly demarcated responsibilities of The Government of Canada and of the individual provinces.

    Nova Scotia, or Manitoba or Quebec have significant powers of autonomy. Whereas, Westminster makes up its ‘constitution’ as it goes along and, as at present the powers are whatever the unelected financial clique fronted by the buffoon, wants them to be IN THEIR OWN NARROW INTERESTS.

    The situation in the US would almost certainly have been significantly worse had it not been for the powers which state Governors deployed. Trump is constrained by checks and balances.

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    1. Relatively recently the Maritime Provinces, Nova Scotia, New Bruswick, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island, have been able to form a ‘bubble’ so that there is no need to quarantine moving between them.
      This is because their rate of infection is so low. People coming in from other Provinces such as Ontario or Québec must still observe quarantine rules.

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  2. I think it’s time to emulate our Canadian cousins. We’ve both got big southerly neighbours who like to throw their weight about and seem unable to contain Covid safely. Canada shut its border to protect itself. We need to do likewise as soon as Covid gets worse in England.

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  3. I tune in to the news now and again. From Nick Robinson early, to News24 at 5.10, Scots have been on the BEEB news throughout today. This, after three months of 99% England-centric output.

    Are they responding to complaints? That would be a first.
    Has OFCOM given them pelters?
    What is going on?


    1. G. O.
      Nick Robinson to news 24 . . . Are they talking about Scotland un locking . . . Pubs openning. . . . That’s all we’re hearing on The BBC’s radio station in Scotland. . . .
      What Are they up to ? . .. .
      How about, Encouraging Loadsa English tourists to head on up here, in the hope of spiking Nicola’s low virus levels.
      Then call Kaye will be asking her audience. . . . Did Nicola relax lockdown too early.


  4. O/T

    Just watched Reporting Scotland report on opening of pubs and restaurants etc. in Scotland. It included a clip of the original government announcement of these closures – it was a clip of Boris Johnson announcing the closures.

    Sorry, but were both closure and now opening in Scotland not a decision by the Scottish Government and both announced by the FM? What on earth is the relevance to an audience in Scotland of a clip of Johnson speaking in this context?

    BBC Scotland incompetence or worse?

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  5. Further O/T on Reporting Scotland this evening there was a report from Forth Valley hospital and their start-up of routine ops. The patient highlighted was going to have a thyroid op. It was a reasonable report with medical and admin staff explaining the precautions being taken and why operations would take longer than usual.

    The report showed the patient in the theatre being prepped for the op. At this point the reporter, Lisa Summers, said the patient had isolated for 2 weeks and tested negative. Necessary pre-condition for patients before their op.

    Then the last shot and sign off from Lisa Summers IN the operating theatre suitably garbled!!! Why??? Did she self-isolate for 2 weeks? Did she get tested beforehand? What the hell were people thinking letting her into the theatre, and her cameraman?

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  6. On PPE. Another ABC Scotland report from the newly opened restaurant and hairdressing trade showed the staff wearing only face shelds (visors) but NO face covering. The regulation says face covering is MANDATORY and plastic face shield optional. Mesart hair design, Norman Macdonald Sarti Restaurant please note.


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