Covid-19 NOT in Scotland but still worthy of a wee scare for you: The power of nightmares

So 93 migrant farm workers ARE infected but still it’s not the headline story for BBC England. The global race issue and the deep national soul-searching over slavery is, correctly I’d say, the big issue.

In BBC Scotlandworld:

A group of farm workers in Scotland have been quarantined after they were on the same flight as people who travelled to a coronavirus-hit farm. Some of them were on a flight bringing agricultural workers to the UK which included 63 people heading to Scotland. Testing has been made available to them and none has shown Covid symptoms.

So, three days for the first time, with no new Covid-19 admissions, no deaths for a whole week, single figure average infection levels for weeks, a ‘significant milestone’ OR ‘migrant farm workers in Scotland were on the same plane as infected ones in England were but NONE ARE infected?’

What’s the story, morning glory? Well? You need a little time to wake up? Well?

At risk again of being accused of paranoia, I’m not suggesting any conspiracy in Pacific Quay to scare us into clinging to our familiar unions but I am suggesting there’s a culture, a mindset, there.

You can see it in their daily headline preferences for bad news about Scotland’s institutions, supposed crises in new hospitals and for dead children with, unlike BBC elsewhere, pictures of the FM and/or the Health Secretary and Tory calls for resignations. I’ve reported the daily evidence of this going back for years.

I can’t know why any one editor thinks they make these choices but when they do it repeatedly and when you can objectively show that BBC England, Wales and N Ireland are consistently different, something IS going on. It’s almost certainly a subculture, like a gang, where the senior members may have a conscious agenda to undermine the independence movement but where even they operate mostly on cruise control, making decisions as neurologists have proven, before they think they have, and where the younger ones learn without being told explicitly, what to report and how to report it.

It works. Researchers have shown the correlation between media coverage and depression or anxiety. Others have shown the correlation between elevated levels of these conditions, among especially the older voters, and a tendency to vote for ‘conservative’/no change platforms.

Infected migrant workers in Scotland? NO….to whatever.

14 thoughts on “Covid-19 NOT in Scotland but still worthy of a wee scare for you: The power of nightmares”

  1. In rural areas some call this collie dug syndrome
    Whats that i hear you ask
    Well some collie farm dogs develop a particular trait
    E.G.lying hunkers doon in the farm road grass,sleekitly awaiting a incoming vehicle
    And just as incomer passes bye the beastie leaps oot scaring the hell oot o ye
    There are many other traits that inflict many other o the dugs
    Most are funny
    But noo an again 1 has a very bad habit every chance disappearing oor the horizon and say worrying lambs
    Humans and their institutions are nae different
    So Whits the answer when it is a bad one for the dug
    Well Geordie git ma shotgun twae cartridges,tell the wife to keep the bairns in the noo will ye
    Geordie replies why twae catridges
    Reply because if the 1st one disnae cure the beast the 2nd one will
    So re ABC (BBC)
    A = Absurdistan just like the wee dog it is Absurd
    Do Not Pay the Licence Fee – Gun cartridge no.1
    As for cartridge no.2. Independence
    Problem no more


  2. In England, Wales and even NI the governments aren’t offering an existential threat to the fundamental being of the BBC.

    The BBC is a very hierarchical organisation and there is a desire to rise to the top (which will always be in London). Independence threatens that, so they threaten independence.

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    1. And we must never ever threaten them
      But Promise
      That upon Independence that there shall be no place whatsoever for those who
      Worked against us
      Only to seek what in reality a small gain for the greedy few
      By denying the many who stand to gain massively
      Not only know thy foe
      Bloody well let them know so
      And serve due notice upon them
      Surrender or take the consequences
      I.E. no place in MSM for you pariahs
      So repent and join us NOW
      Whilst there is a chance
      But me thinks they no not of the word
      Because their reply will be i did know what you meant
      So they can remonstrate such as they stack shelves in ASDA
      Welcome to your future
      And it is NOT bright


  3. They’re at it again.

    “Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are set to be handed powers in areas such as Air Quality and Animal Welfare currently regulated at EU level. But in a bid to protect cross border trade, they will have to recognise standards drawn up elsewhere in the UK”

    Let me think! Where is elsewhere in the UK?
    Do they mean England?
    Then why not say so.
    Ah! cause that looks bad if England are telling the other nations that
    ‘They’ll’ set the standards and you lot will have to follow them, so we’ll just say ‘Elsewhere in the UK’

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  4. Not strictly speaking on topic, but article-related.

    When I signed in this morning, I looked at my screen and saw “still worthy of a wee scare for you: The power of nightmares” immediately above the picture of Jackson Carlaw!

    I like to start the day with a smile… 😀

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  5. ‘even they operate mostly on cruise control’
    If by that you mean that the staff have been told what is wanted and just get on with it, yes that seems most probable.
    But if you mean without thought, no i can’t buy that. Someone has to make these daily decisions. That could be now habitual but it is still with deliberate intent.
    I think now to think otherwise is a real stretch, tin-hat stretch.


  6. “Queensland places 700m border barricade to stop people crossing over”

    This is happening in ONE country and they think nothing of it but here in Scotland the likes of Carlaw would say we hate the English for doing it.


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