So 93 migrant farm workers ARE infected but still it’s not the headline story for BBC England. The global race issue and the deep national soul-searching over slavery is, correctly I’d say, the big issue.

In BBC Scotlandworld:

A group of farm workers in Scotland have been quarantined after they were on the same flight as people who travelled to a coronavirus-hit farm. Some of them were on a flight bringing agricultural workers to the UK which included 63 people heading to Scotland. Testing has been made available to them and none has shown Covid symptoms.

So, three days for the first time, with no new Covid-19 admissions, no deaths for a whole week, single figure average infection levels for weeks, a ‘significant milestone’ OR ‘migrant farm workers in Scotland were on the same plane as infected ones in England were but NONE ARE infected?’

What’s the story, morning glory? Well? You need a little time to wake up? Well?

At risk again of being accused of paranoia, I’m not suggesting any conspiracy in Pacific Quay to scare us into clinging to our familiar unions but I am suggesting there’s a culture, a mindset, there.

You can see it in their daily headline preferences for bad news about Scotland’s institutions, supposed crises in new hospitals and for dead children with, unlike BBC elsewhere, pictures of the FM and/or the Health Secretary and Tory calls for resignations. I’ve reported the daily evidence of this going back for years.

I can’t know why any one editor thinks they make these choices but when they do it repeatedly and when you can objectively show that BBC England, Wales and N Ireland are consistently different, something IS going on. It’s almost certainly a subculture, like a gang, where the senior members may have a conscious agenda to undermine the independence movement but where even they operate mostly on cruise control, making decisions as neurologists have proven, before they think they have, and where the younger ones learn without being told explicitly, what to report and how to report it.

It works. Researchers have shown the correlation between media coverage and depression or anxiety. Others have shown the correlation between elevated levels of these conditions, among especially the older voters, and a tendency to vote for ‘conservative’/no change platforms.

Infected migrant workers in Scotland? NO….to whatever.