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From BBC London last night:

‘The deaths of 67 heart surgery patients at a London hospital were probably, most likely, or definitely caused by “significant shortcomings” in treatment, a report has found.The review looked at the cardiac surgery unit at St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust between 2013 and 2018.’

The report has, of course, no references to any responsibility for this stopping at Westminster politicians. Once again BBC Scotland staff had to be drafted in it show how it is done.

Not reported by BBC, the PM was cornered by Londoners as he left his local off-licence last night and asked why nearly all London hospitals have been shown to have issues of resilience. They reminded him of recent reports on three other London hospital with serious problems of safety for patients:

The emergency services at King’s College Hospital in London were inspected in November 2019 and the report appeared last week. They were found to be unsafe. The inspectors found:

  • The service still did not ensure staff had completed mandatory training, and expected targets were not always being achieved.
  • The service still did not have fully suitable premises. There was no dedicated paediatric mental health assessment room available and there was a lack of consideration given to ligature points.
  • Consumable single use equipment items were not rotated properly to ensure all items were in date.
  • Patients could not access care and treatment in a timely way, however, there was evidence of improvement in this area.

That the A&E department did not satisfy the inspectors was not surprising given its performance. In January 2020 only 57.6% of patients were seen within 4 hours. The target is 95%.


Croydon, also in London, saw only 47% within 4 hours.  Footnote: Croydon has a Tory Council