From Time Thrust yesterday:

‘Renewable energy accounted for 90% of all electricity used in Scotland last year, new figures have revealed. The Scottish Government said more electricity was generated from renewable sources in 2019 than ever before – 30 terrawatt hours (TWh), up from 26.5 TWh in 2018. With one year to go until a target of 100% gross electricity consumption from renewables, 2019 estimates found 90% came from renewable sources as opposed to 76.2% during the previous year. The amount of renewable energy produced is equivalent to the electricity needed to power all Scottish homes for more than three years, or the energy used to charge 6.7 billion phones for a year. The majority of Scotland’s renewable electricity continues to be converted from wind on land, despite offshore wind increasing production from 1.3 TWh to 3.3 TWh in the last year. This is attributed in part to the Beatrice wind farm off the Caithness coast becoming operational in May.’

Earlier reports here on renewables:

Scotland is paying extra for the ‘pleasure’ of subsidising the UK’s energy production

In Energy Voice yesterday: ‘Mammoth Highland offshore wind farms are footing a bill of around £20 million more per year than English projects to connect to the grid, according to the builder of what will be Scotland’s biggest wind venture. The levied regime in the UK, called transmission charging and set up by the energy

Scotland’s wind farms begin to leave subsidies and competitors behind

In the Herald only six months ago, we were still being warned of the costs of wind farm subsidies which, as an independent nation, we supposedly could not afford. Critics, of course fail to mention two things. First other forms of power generation as also subsidised. Nuclear and fossil fuel generation are currently subsidised at