Scotland is paying extra for the ‘pleasure’ of subsidising the UK’s energy production

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In Energy Voice yesterday:

‘Mammoth Highland offshore wind farms are footing a bill of around £20 million more per year than English projects to connect to the grid, according to the builder of what will be Scotland’s biggest wind venture. The levied regime in the UK, called transmission charging and set up by the energy regulator Ofgem, is understood to be a major disadvantage to projects in the windiest regions of Scotland – with a £20m per year price tag that could rise to £30m by 2025’

Not only is Scotland paying extra to connect to the grid, but the electricity is then being transferred to England, Wales and Northern Ireland to compensate for their lack of generation and to help the UK appear to be meeting its carbon reduction target. See:

Government figures reveal the massive and increasing level of transfer of electricity from Scotland to England. In 2018 only, the transfer rate increased from 13 512 GWh to nearly 25 000 GWh. 1 GWh would heat 700 000 homes! This 83% increase is hidden in the above 53.8% increase total adopted.…/ET_5.6.xls

Note that the ratio of transfers from Scotland to England compared with those from England to Scotland is 25 to 1!


7 thoughts on “Scotland is paying extra for the ‘pleasure’ of subsidising the UK’s energy production

    1. Western HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) undersea linkbetween Hunterston in North Ayrshire and Connah’s Quay in North Wales.
      Full capacity use started Oct. 2018, capacity 2.2 Mw, 262 miles of cable, Cost Est. £1Bn

      Construction started 2013, and must have been in planning for several years, BUT none of this stopped Unionists frightenning Scots during the referendum with the lie that England wouldn’t buy An Independent Scotland’s “Expensive” Renewable Electricity.


  1. Hold the front page – beeb Scotland is running a ScotRail good news story. They are carrying it on their Scottish business page – but still…. . Must encourage improvement where we can. Link and snippets below: (PS Good news re. ScotRail?? – Humza Must Go):

    Rail passengers in Scotland are feeling the benefit of investment and “stabilised performance”, according to a transport campaign group.

    Anthony Smith, the head of Transport Focus, said satisfaction with ScotRail punctuality had increased.

    A survey of passengers by the independent group found almost 90% were happy with ScotRail’s service.

    The annual National Rail Passenger Survey, which was published on Tuesday, suggested that 89% of the 1,344 passengers surveyed in Scotland were now satisfied with the service.

    This is up nine percentage points on the same period the previous year, which marked a 15-year low.

    The rise was the second largest increase across the UK behind Great Northern, which rose 12 percentage points.

    The poll found 78% of ScotRail passengers were satisfied with the punctuality and reliability of the trains.

    Of the 41 areas surveyed for trains and stations, ScotRail improved in all but six.

    Among the largest increases were the satisfaction score for the availability of power sockets on trains and usefulness of on-train information about delays.

    Mr Smith said “ScotRail’s focus on delivering its performance remedial plan has resulted in the best autumn punctuality figures in five years.”

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