More evidence that Scottish industry is strong under SNP administration

The culture in this yoghurt reminds me of something? Conservatively, I’d say it’s a bit like that….

In Insider yesterday:

Four of Scotland’s most important industry sectors have entered the new decade feeling upbeat and confident despite significant concerns about the potential impact of Brexit, research carried out by CMS shows. In Scotland’s Renewable Energy sector, 80% of those involved in our research said they expected growth in revenues over the next three years while 60% are planning to increase investment in people and capital in that period. There’s a similar outlook for Scottish Life Sciences where a significant number (80%) of business leaders are expecting to increase their workforce over the next year although a number did raise concerns about the availability of skilled workers due to the potential impact of Brexit. A majority of Technology sector leaders also raised concerns over Brexit although more than half of those we spoke to expect turnover and profits to rise over the next three years. Around half are also planning recruitment drives in that period.

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