From the Scottish Government today:

Businesses and projects celebrating locally produced food and drink can apply for a share of £100,000 of funding. Grants of up to £5,000 from the Connect Local Regional Food Fund are available to support collaborative food and drink projects during their early stages. Since 2018, the fund has awarded £259,000 to 57 innovative projects across Scotland, including supporting the Ethical Farming Conference, believed to be the first conference on the emerging ‘ethical’ farming sector, the Street Food Zone at the Stranraer Oyster Festival and the launch of a new St Andrews Street Market.

This comes on top of figures reported in Insider on 24th September 2019:

Scottish food and drink has (sic) grown three times faster than the economy as a whole over the past 10 years. Figures from the Royal Bank of Scotland Purchasing Managers Index shows the food and drink sector accounts for nearly one in four manufacturing jobs and underpins Scotland’s position as the dominant force behind UK international trade in agrifood products.

A reason for the sector to be optimistic is the Scotland’s food and drink producers is the sector’s record in gaining a foothold in new overseas markets, especially the opportunities provided by fast-growing consumer demand in emerging markets.

The export success of the whisky, bakeries and aquaculture industries means that Scotland accounts for 29 per cent of all UK food and drink sales to overseas markets. In fact, Scotland exports more beverages by value than the rest of the UK combined.

The 8% Meme:

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