In a longish reflection more about Iraq and Afghanistan, than Scottish politics, and tempting us with a lovely image where we cannot hear her because she is: ‘Kneeling on the sofa with a duvet over my head, curtains closed in the middle of the day‘, Britain’s appointed TV News Commissar in Scotland, Lady Sara Smith, without any apparent sense of irony, asks:

‘Will my reporting appear less credible?’

Breakfasts across the land are spluttered over table-tops, even sprayed onto TV screens, as millions shout:

You could not be less credible!’

This is the woman who loves to insert whenever she can, fibs such as those about school standards ‘slipping’, Tory ‘resurgences’ or drug legislation reserved to London being ‘convenient’ for the SNP.

Being able to write as she does only reveals that elitist, blinkered sense of entitlement we have come to expect from Scotland’s Labour aristocracy.