Two-thirds think he did say he would “let the bodies pile high in their thousands”

From SNP Media:

The SNP has said Scotland sees through Boris Johnson’s bluster on the Tory sleaze scandal – as new polling shows two-thirds think he did say he would “let the bodies pile high in their thousands”.

The YouGov poll for the Times found half (50%) of people across the UK think Boris Johnson made the comments, rising to two thirds (65%) in Scotland. Just a quarter (26%) of people across the UK think he didn’t make the comments, falling to 16% in Scotland.

Commenting, SNP Depute Leader Kirsten Oswald MP said:

“This poll shows people in Scotland can see right through Boris Johnson’s bluster and dishonesty over the growing Tory sleaze scandal.

“The Tories think it’s one rule for them and another for the rest of us – but on Thursday voters in Scotland can show Boris Johnson that he is not untouchable, by casting both votes for the SNP.

“The central issue at the election is who gets the right to decide what sort of country Scotland becomes after the pandemic – people in Scotland or Westminster? 

“The Tories are engulfed in sleaze and they are getting ready to impose massive austerity cuts – with a public sector pay freeze and cuts to Universal Credit firing the starting gun for a sustained Tory attack on public services.

YouGov poll:

5 thoughts on “Two-thirds think he did say he would “let the bodies pile high in their thousands”

  1. One day Bojo will indeed discover that a rope does indeed hang around his neck
    So far over his entire career he has avoided that there may a space between his toes and the firm ground upon which
    He thinks he always stands
    Matters not how long the rope is as long as it remains around his neck


    1. But, it seems to be some time off. He has increased his party’s lead over Labour and his personal popularity ratings do not appear to be suffering. The media always get vox pops from various ’parts of England with some enjoying his ‘roguishness’, or saying that what he is accused of is ‘not important’ or that ‘he has hard job and is doing his best,’ or ‘he’s a round Brit’ or ‘he’s not Jeremy Corbyn’ or ‘he’s good fun’.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Alasdair
        Ah but there is one thing that persons of Boris the Terrible ilk always omit
        And such is so deeply ingrained in them
        That eventually they fall
        What is that
        The more they get away with the more daring they become and end up so cock sure
        Of themselves and enthralled by the feeling of absolute untouchability
        That then inadvertently say/ do something that takes them into oblivion
        It may termed as their hinge of fate
        Once committed no way back whatsoever


        1. About 4 years ago I took part in a charity bicycle ride in London and accompanied a woman from Tollcross in Glasgow who had worked for many years as an NHS dentist in one of the large London hospitals. We had a pleasant conversation during the 40 or so miles and found that our views were similar on many social and other issues, until she mentioned that she was a great fan of Boris Johnson’s! I was taken completely aback and I think the expression showed on my face, because she immediately said, “He’s such a fun character.” This was shortly before Mrs May became PM and Johnson was standing for the leadership. She then aded, “But I don’t think he has what it takes to be PM.”

          We cycled on cordially and spoke of other things, of ships and sails and sealing wax and cabbages and kings. I still cannot figure out how someone like this could like Johnson.


          1. Alasdair
            All much the same as woman would melt
            At A.Hitler
            And that is exactly what that makes persons of Boris,s type so bloody dangerous
            But even Adolf run out of rope


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