Labour are completely unable to stand up to the Tories and to keep Scotland safe

Keir Starmer says safe safe consumption rooms are not answer to Scotland's  drug deaths - Daily Record
Image: Daily Record
From SNP Media:

The SNP has said that Scottish Labour are failing voters with their refusal to  “get off the fence” on vital issues facing Scotland as the party fails to stand up to the Tories in Westminster.

With polls today showing that despite the sleaze surrounding the Tories, Labour are completely failing to have an impact, SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown said Scotland needed experienced leadership that could stand up to the Tories and protect Scotland from Westminster cuts, not politicians or parties that sit on the fence.

Anas Sarwar has faced criticism for evading questions on Labour’s position on a number of key issues at this election, including: Tory attacks on the powers of the Scottish Parliament and plans for more austerity Cuts to universal credit, backed by Labour in Westminster, who have said they won’t argue for the continuation of the £20 uplift on universal credit. Labour’s position in relation to drug deathsThe removal of nuclear weapons from Scotland. The devolution of more powers to Scotland – like employment law  – that he previously vetoed. The democratic ability of the people of Scotland to choose their own future. SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown said: 

“We can see from Westminster that Labour are completely unable to stand up to the Tories and to keep Scotland safe.

“The Tories in Westminster are doing whatever they like, and Labour simply are not doing anything to stop them.

“Scotland needs experienced leadership that will keep Scotland safe not sit out difficult decisions and choices.

“Instead of standing up and protecting the jobs, incomes and rights that families in Scotland depend upon, they are happy to stand by and watch as senior Tory ministers’ plan cuts to vital public services and launch a power grab on our Scottish Parliament. That silence speaks volumes about Scottish Labour’s priorities. 

“At every turn, the Labour Party has failed to provide any effective opposition to the Tories.

“By refusing to get off the fence and sitting out key issues Labour will let the Tories run riot.

“It’s clear that a vote for Labour would leave Scotland’s future in the hands of Boris Johnson. Only giving both votes to the SNP will guarantee the strong leadership and bold policies needed to move the country from pandemic to recovery, and re-elect Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister.”


Notes to editors:

Tories increase lead over Labour despite Boris Johnson flat row –

3 thoughts on “Labour are completely unable to stand up to the Tories and to keep Scotland safe

  1. They are totally unwilling to ‘stand up to the Tories’. The Labour branch office in Scotland take their orders from London, they work for their masters at HQ, in London. Shudder the think Labour might ever get a hold in Scotland again. Labour PFI scams leaving Scottish coincils in £billions od ‘debt’ to this day. Selling off non domestic part of Scottish water,
    sending £BILLIONS back to WM, 100% failure to invest in anything good for Scotland.
    No thanks.

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  2. British Labour, which is predominantly English Labour, have increasingly become part of the problem since Thatcher. As they’ve had to appease socioeconomic forces and swing-voters in marginal seats in southern England, if they are to have any hope of gaining power in Westminster. Which is the font of all democratic wisdom and rectitude, don’t cha know?

    Labour and the Culture Wars of Modern Politics


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