‘Anas Sarwar’s dangerous messages about mental health on Question Time’

Keith Brown and Anas Sarwar during the heating exchange on BBC Question Time

For the quarter ending December 2020, nearly three quarters (73.1%) of children and young people were seen within 18 weeks, compared to 60.6% for the previous quarter and 66.4% for the quarter ending December 2019.


Much to be done but an improving picture suggesting that Anas Sarwar’s unconvincingly passionate outburst on Question Time, two days ago, was ill-informed. Others, more-informed than me, have responded to his familiar use of faux empathy with the the unwell or their grieving parents, and his claims to have attacked medical practice in the past, to score political points.

I came across this posted on:

by u/Popcorn_Tastes_Good

To go over his dangerous bullshit:

How many times during this pandemic has someone picked up the phone to call the Crisis Mental Health Service, and the call’s gone unanswered?

There is no such thing as the “Crisis Mental Health Service.” There are numerous phonelines you can call if you are having a mental health crisis; namely NHS 24 – simply dial 111 – they will answer and offer help if you phone them when you are having a mental health crisis.

There are also numerous charity services, such as the Samaritans – on 116 123 – who you can call if you are having a tough time.

Do not listen to Sarwar’s dangerous lies. People are here for you, ready to help.

“How many children are waiting over a year for their mental health support?”

If you need urgent mental health support, for instance if you are feeling suicidal, phone 999. No matter what age you are. The nurses and doctors will do their best to care for you. You will almost always see a psychiatrist (if you want) within 24 hours, but most likely within half that time.

It does take longer if you want to set up regular appointments with a therapist, and it is too long, but don’t let that put you off seeking urgent mental health care if you need it. Those services are here for you.

So please don’t listen to Sarwar’s quick googling of figures, the actual reality is that people are here to help you.

Readers may remember just how inappropriate Sarwar’s political tactics can be:

Sarwar’s use of the Millie Main tragedy goes too far now

Anas Sarwar claims better judgement than medics

and, of course, his contradictory values:

Anas Sarwar accepts risk of nuclear holocaust on our behalf

Fortunately, he seems to be making little headway for his party:

Sarwar bobs uncertainly: A tale of two polls

8 thoughts on “‘Anas Sarwar’s dangerous messages about mental health on Question Time’

  1. Yep, the faux concern and empathy from Sarwar for political gain is really sickening.
    His party would privatise the Scottish NHS quick as a flash, no doubt about that.
    It’s good that people are not accepting anymore lies from Labour, the days of conning the people into voting for them with their pretendy socialism are over.

    It must be a huge job for the Scottish government to find funding for mental health services given the cuts to the budget from Westminster especially during the pandemic. Under the circumstances, the SNP have performed miracles when it really comes down to it. It could have been a very different scenario over the past year, and even before that, in health, education, infrastructure, social care, industry and housing etc. Just imagine what could have been achieved if Scotland was independent, rather than having to part fund infrastructure and nukes, and pay towards health, education and industry etc etc in England.

    Sarwar and all the BritNats should be thankful that the SNP have governed Scotland so well over the years, in repairing the damage to Scotland, made by Labour. Labour, Scotland says, no thanks.


  2. Labour support Tory Austerity. Tory cut NHS £20Billion from 2015 to 2020. Labour did not support MUP saving people’s lives. Alcohol makes people depressed and suicidal. Labour’s illegal wars have killed and maimed millions of people increased poverty worldwide. The migration crisis into Europe led on to causing Brexit. Now ruining the economy.

    Labour have wasted so much public monies it is deplorable. Labour have supported the Tory cuts. Cutting £100 a month from starving people. Cuts by universal credit. Bureaucracy costs £Billions now being disbanded. Labour unionists supported tax evasion. Costing £Billions. Westminster financial fraud costing £Billions.

    The Scottish Gov has to mitigate the Westminster cuts. Scotland pays £Billions on loan repayments not borrowed or spent in Scotland. Pays for Hinkley Point, HS2 and Trident £Billions of public monies wasted. Over £13Billion on these projects, The Tory slush fund,

    The Tories cut essential services NHS, Education and Welfare £13Billion a year from 2015 to 2020. Austerity. Tax cuts and tax evasion for the wealthy. Scotland pays £Billion more for the military, not based in Scotland. The Westminster corruption and criminal activities now being exposed.

    Scotland would be far better off Independent. Have better public services. More prosperity and equality. Without the unionist offenders. Westminster unionist liars and their cohorts in Scotland funded by London. Total mismanagement and misappropriation of public funds.

    Sarwar and associates representative of Westminster illegal control and corruption. Making idiotic decisions of chaos and catastrophe to line their own pockets. Their faux fake concern and hypocrisy. They do not care. That is obvious.

    Vote SNP/Alba. Vote for Independence. Make the world a better place. Where people do not need to rely on mental health facilities. People can prosper and be more equal and free, Not worried and anxious all the time. Wondering where the next meal is coming.

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  3. The SNP Scottish Gov have put in £250Million into drug/alcohol addiction services which will help mental health problems. It should fund total abstinence proper rehab services and help mental health abuses. To make people healthier and better off. MUP has reduced alcohol consumption and is saving lives. Saving the SNHS £Billions. Spend £Millions to save £Billions. A healthier better population with less mental health problems.

    The SNP Gov are saving lives. Kept people alive in the pandemic and vaccinated more people. Everybody who would die have been vaccinated. A massive effort. Much appreciated. Thanks to the SNHS and everyone following rules and guidelines.

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  4. Sarwar reminds me of those people wearing a decorated Covid masks.
    His political face is a mask that grins and lies.
    He has takes a Dividend from the family business of £500k.
    The family pay their employees a pittance.
    He sends his children to a Private school.

    A great General walks as his soldiers walk, he eats the same food his soldiers eat, he knows the mood of his soldiers.
    We don’t have a General, we have a con man. He is as sincere as an American TV evangelist. He makes George Galloway look like a socialist.


  5. Sarwar is the worst type of politician – what the Americans call ”an ambulance chaser ” – seeking to make political capital out of other’s misfortunes .

    His constant piggy-backing on the Millie Main death is distasteful in the extreme . His constant ”facts” which are NOT ,as pointed out above , need to be thrown back constantly in his face .
    The present Tory corruption is a preview of the type of administration that this man would run in Scotland if given the chance .
    He is a combination of double-glazing salesman , spiv and snake-oil salesman – with apologies to all these upright and morally correct tradesman !


  6. When it could not get any worse. Sarwar is now dancing about. Idiotic. Obviously staged. People are dying and the clowns are dancing about, The dope on a rope. Cameron etc all involved in sleaze. Wasting £Billions of public monies. Enough to eradicate poverty. The UK the most unequal place in the world.

    McConnell comes out of the box. The jack in the box coming out to maintain his ermine and privileges. The world blown to bits causing death and poverty. Cummings now pursuing his ex best pal. Westminster Gov collapsing in sleaze and corruption. Death dancing with the Saudis.


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