Sarwar bobs uncertainly: A tale of two polls


Two polls on the Holyrood Election 2021 published on the same day, reveal just how important it is to not let just one affect you too much.

The Savanta Com Res poll for the Scotsman, as often before, has the SNP a bit down and the Tories stronger than we’d expect. It also has Labour lagging 5 points behind the Tories despite their leader Sarwar’s allegedly strong media performances.

YouGov for the Times has the SNP steady on 49% and with a massive 28% lead over the Tories who are down 3 points on their previous poll on 22nd March.

‘Sarwar’s surge?’ His personal approval rating has doubled in the last eight weeks. But, support for Labour, at 21%, puts them only equal with the Tories, down on the last two polls and around the same as the three before that.

Neither poll offers much hope for Alba, at 1% and 2% but the Greens look like guaranteeing a pro-independence majority, at 10% and 7%.

5 thoughts on “Sarwar bobs uncertainly: A tale of two polls

  1. Ploy to get SNP voters to vote Greens which is okay for regional LIST seats but i hope SNP voters do not switch their constituency vote to Greens.
    ALBA will have a sizeable vote simply because there are many many people in Scotland who firmly believe that Alex Salmond was set up and Nicola Sturgeon tied up in a knot that forced her to choose between risking her own clean image and spotlighting unusual goings in in the background instigated by Civil Servants employed by Westminster to work in Scottish government.Nicola Sturgeon chose to protect her image and live to fight another day , the correct choice in my opinion.
    Westminster and its allies hate Alex Salmond because he is so knowledgable of their corrupt system and practices ,those of us who recognise all this will vote forALBA and SNP.

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  2. The STV interview last night with ”You just can’t , Colin ” pushed Sarwar on private education for him and his kids but didn’t deliver the killer blow .

    ”Why should Scotland’s voters trust you with running State education when YOU don’t trust the State to educate YOUR kids ? ” was the question that was not asked .

    Nor was he asked why he can be trusted to close the Poverty Gap when his family businesses have a deplorable record of NOT paying the Living Wage !

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  3. Why do people who support Independence vote Labour? That is the mystery. Or Tory. Oxymoron

    Tory posters in the field. £Billionaires. Got local Gov contracts. Then totally overcharged. Enough is never enough. The Tory slush fund. Misappropriating and misusing public funds. Tories on the take. Killing people.

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  4. It was in the Union Unit play book to try for a Scottish Labour surge as they knew DRossys limitations.
    Hence the “bigging up” of Starwars, who has been around for years, mumbling and stumbling for Britain.
    He has admitted he cannot win: Strarmer is a dud and Labours policies are of “a letter to Santa” type.
    The “Scottish” media enable this nonsense, while pretending “Scotlands other government” doesn’t exist.


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