Chumocracy now!

From Crowd Justice today:

“The more detail we uncover on PPE contracts awarded by the Government, the more serious the questions that arise,” say Good Law Project. They’ve uncovered a new PPE contract, despite Boris Johnson declaring that all COVID contracts were “on the record” in February 2021. Last summer, Pharmaceuticals Direct Limited was handed a £102.6 million contract without any competition. The company’s named representative was Samir Jassal, “a well-connected figure within the Conservative Party” having worked as an advisor under David Cameron and donated to the party. Good Law Project have now launched legal proceedings “to protect public funds and… get answers.”

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BBC UK has actually produced an extensive list of chummy deals. The most recent are:


The use of 10 million sterile surgical gowns is suspended because of concerns over how the items were packaged. The gowns were bought for £70m from a US firm in 2020.

A court rules Matt Hancock acted unlawfully when his department did not reveal details of contracts it had signed during the Covid pandemic.

The Department of Health and Social Care tells the BBC that 1.12 million masks had been withdrawn because they did not meet the right safety standards. The distribution of some gloves was also suspended because they may not have met technical requirements.

The medicines regulator announces it is investigating a £30m Covid contract that was awarded to a firm owned by a man who used to run a pub near Matt Hancock’s old constituency home in West Suffolk and which had no history of medical goods.


It is revealed that dozens of Covid contracts had not been published when Boris Johnson assured MPs they were “on the record for everyone to see”.

A BBC investigation reveals a former investment banker, who now owns a dog food firm, brokered PPE deals worth £258m between the government and a Hong Kong firm. The work was likely to have earned her more than £1m.


Documents uncovered after an apparent admin error reveal the role of a former Tory parliamentary candidate and party donor in a £100m government deal to buy PPE.

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BBC UK unlike BBC Scotland has good reason to be wary of the Tories.

5 thoughts on “Chumocracy now!

  1. £34Billion lack of trace and track. Dido Harding. Talk talk. People’s details were stolen,. Fraudsters tried to get into their accounts. An absolute shambles. Tory husband wants to privatise the NHS. Conmen and crooks at the heart of UK Gov. Killing people.

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  2. Because this cause could put a number of Boris and his closest cabal
    in Jail. I subscribed to the fund, however the pay button seems disabled, I tried and tried but it would not work.

    I found the same when I tried to donate to ALBA. In their case I did get to manage to donate to the crowd fund. But as I said when joining I was similary prevented to a donation. Dark forces are doing this, it is no coincidence.


  3. Cameron tried to get £20Billion public money at risk for Greensill. An absolute disgrace. Unbelievable. They should be put in jail. The Tory Gov fraud and corruption. Cameron boasted he would make £Millions.


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