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From SNP Media:

The SNP has highlighted a black hole in NHS funding in the Scottish Labour manifesto – with no funding commitments made beyond 2021/22, failing the NHS in its recovery out of lockdown and creating a four-year funding gap.

The Scottish Labour manifesto not only fails to make real commitments for the future of the NHS, it also fails to even guarantee protecting spending as it is now.
Scottish Labour’s manifesto also failed to commit to backing free dental care, keeping free prescriptions, and keeping free hospital parking. It also fails to back the replacement of the Edinburgh Eye Pavilion or renewing and refurbishing local hospitals like the Vale of Leven.
The SNP has committed to increasing frontline NHS spending by 20% in the next parliament, delivering record investment in the health service – increasing frontline funding by £2.5 billion.

Commenting, SNP Finance Secretary Kate Forbes said:

“The manifesto Labour published today shows they are all talk and no action when it comes to recovery.

“Our NHS has endured so much throughout the pandemic and Scottish Labour cannot even commit to maintaining frontline spending over the parliament, when increased investment is going to be vital if the NHS is to be remobilised and get back on its feet.

“What Labour fail to understand is that it is not good enough to make claims about recovery if you don’t put the money in to pay for it. There is simply no substance to their campaign.

“The spending commitments they do make appear to be trying to spend money again that’s already been invested in public services this year. 
“Scottish Labour cannot be trusted with Scotland’s NHS, they have failed to commit to even keeping funding as it is, to keeping prescription charges free or hospital parking free – a move that could see NHS staff pay to go to work every day if Labour ever got anywhere near government. 
“Scotland’s NHS needs real investment in the NHS, not just words. That is why the SNP has committed to record health spending for the frontline, to refurbish hospitals and clinics around the country and of course to offer our NHS staff a fair pay deal.

“Between the Tories and Labour neither of them can be trusted with our health service. Only the SNP has the policies and the investment plan for a strong recovery for the NHS. The only way to deliver that is by re-electing Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister with Both Votes SNP.”

Contact: SNP Media 


  1. Well, Question Time tonight was a shambles as expected. Someone should do a word count – I’m sure Keith Brown will come bottom due to interruptions etc, and Willie Rennie will be top in terms of verbiage.

    However, on the subject of this blog post, Fiona Bruce also noticed the 4 year black hole and Anas failed to provide an answer.

    I also noticed that Anas raised his “taxing Amazon etc” plan, which he had previously talked about but is strangely not to be found in his one year manifesto!

    Even stranger, while Lorna Slater was slagged by Fiona Bruce for depending on the UK government allowing changes to the tax system, neither Fiona nor anyone else thought to question how Anas was going to achieve the same. Of course, the changes that Anas would depend on to get more from Amazon are vanishingly unlikely to be agreed by the UK government.

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  2. Labour supported Austerity. Supports every Tory policy. ConDems cut the NHS funding £20Billion from 2015 to 2020. Cut pandemic funding and organisation for Brexit. Cameron now trying to steal public money. Trying to illegally get £20Billion for Greensill. The £Trns wasted in illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Westminster total mismanagement and corruption. It is just appalling.

    Aberdeen City has been ruined by the illegal Unionist Alliance. Wasting public monies like there is no tomorrow. Building empty shops and offices £200,00, which would have been better spent on essential services. Instead of only £20Million on UTG projects. Refused a gift of £80Million. A Two job Tory keeping the cabal together. Sarwar supports these criminals.

    Labour total hypocrites. Killing and maiming Millions. The unionist wasting public monies. An absolute scandal. The fraud and corruption at the heart of Westminster Gov wasting £Billions which would be better spend on essential services. It is an absolute disgrace. People are starving and dying because of the criminality of Westminster Gov. Sarwar does not have a clue. Why people who support Independence vote Labour, or unionist, is a mystery. An oxymoron.

    Make the world a better place. Vote SNP/Alba. Vote for Independence. To cut the lying, hypocrisy and abuse at the heart of Westminster Gov. The UK the most unequal place in the world. Make the world a better place.

    Any dog is better than Johnston.


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