Hospital onset Covid infections fall to lowest level since September

Figure 1: Epidemic curve of COVID-19 cases with first positive specimen taken during an inpatient stay, by onset status: week-ending 1 March 2020 to week-ending 28 March 2021 (n=15,195).

Only 5 (0.1%) of Covid cases were reported as definitely picked up in hospitals in the week-ending 28th March 2021. A further 7 (0.2%) were probable cases and 3 552 (98.1%) were picked up in the community.

BBC Scotland Health Correspondent Lisa Summers was unavailable to be remotely interested as she has been since levels began to fall in late January. What are we paying her for? If she can’t report this kind of thing, what use is she, or for that matter BBC Scotland?

4 thoughts on “Hospital onset Covid infections fall to lowest level since September

  1. ” If she can’t report this kind of thing, what use is she, or for that matter BBC Scotland?”



  2. Perfectly logical, if your agenda is to avoid boosting popular identification with Scotland’s public health. Which simply wouldn’t do, as the Tories know how to keep their eyes on the prize. Which doesn’t look like including much public ownership and control over public health. Or pretty much any strategic social infrastructure or national natural commonwealth.

    Positive psychology in a pandemic: buffering, bolstering, and building mental health


  3. BBC Scotland via its Reporting Scotland programme has got itself into an ‘awkward’ position regarding Covid stats.

    The programme is preceded on BBC 1 by the main UK news bulletin. In the latter’s daily update on Covid stats it gives the cumulative total deaths for the UK ALWAYS based on the ‘within 28 days of a +ve test’ measure.

    Reporting Scotland now only gives the number of Covid deaths for the most recent day: this daily number will be based on the same test-based measure used in the preceding UK news bulletin.

    However, Reporting Scotland now NEVER gives a cumulative figure for Covid deaths in Scotland. As best I can recall, it used to do so in the same sort of presentation as used in the BBC 1 UK news bulletin. Perhaps someone can confirm this. Why the change (or the difference)?

    I strongly suspect this goes back to BBC Scotland being unable to resist making much of the other measure of mortality – namely the mention of Covid on a death certificate – reaching 10k in Scotland a few weeks ago. It can’t now report in a way consistent with the BBC News on BBC 1 at 6pm because then the total number in Scotland would have come down!

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