Sarwar not known in Wales

Talking to Channel 4 yesterday, Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar claimed that he had spoken against hospital discharges into care homes, in March and April 2020. When asked if he was sure, he insisted he had but was unable to point to any statements confirming it.

At the same time, in March and April 2020, NHS Wales sent more than a thousand patients from hospitals, untested, into care homes. The Labour Government in Wales confirmed this in a BBC report in June 2020.

Isn’t anyone in Labour Wales monitoring what the leader of Scottish Labour is saying?

6 thoughts on “Sarwar not known in Wales

  1. Sarwar is a liar , he makes up stories that match what his newspaper rants.
    The BBC then copy the fictitious stories and present them as fact on the basis that nobody has cried liar liar pants on fire.
    Propaganda can indeed take the form of childish behaviour but they still get paid thousands and thousands a month by the BBC for doing it.
    Glenn Campbell the cross eyed lion of BBC does it all the time.

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    1. It should be remembered that Mr Sarwar has medical training – he is a dentist – and was a student of Professor Jason Leitch. Therefore he should be able to understand the data provided by Public Health Scotland relating to discharges of patients from hospitals to care homes. His and Monica Lennon’s outrageous claims and the hyperbolic article in the Daily Record are disgraceful. They are seeking to use the misfortunes of some people to produce exaggerated stories to cause alarm to some people in care homes and to their families.

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  2. When you know the media will never investigate your claims it is safe to lie.
    Sarwar takes full advantage of his fan club at the BBC. They love Sarwar and will do all they can to promote him. They will never, never challenge his lies.


  3. Labour Sarwar not wanted to be known anywhere, along with the cohorts.
    Supporting the Tories illegally. Sarwar refused an Alliance. The rest of Labour do it anyway. Blair supporting Johnston textgate. Tories support Labour illegal wars. Foreign illegal wars causing migration into Europe. Then being used as an excuse for Brexit ruining the economy.


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