Sarwar’s use of the Millie Main tragedy goes too far now

Glasgow health board 'not fit for purpose' after claim it tried to 'cover  up' death of 10-year-old - Daily Record

On STV’s Leader Debate last night, Anas Sarwar confronted Nicola Sturgeon with the suggestion that, when Health Secretary, she had known the water supply in the about-to-open new Southern General Hospital was dangerous and yet had allowed the opening to go ahead.

She insisted his claim was untrue. Who are you going to believe?

Undaunted he then suggests that the water infection had ‘resulted in two deaths including Millie Main, just ten years old.’

There is no scientific evidence reported anywhere to warrant that claim. It is not true.

Sarwar has been revelling in telling this tale since the tragic death 4 years ago.

When Sturgeon responds he twice shouts ‘Millie Main’ at her.

He needs to stop. It’s been creepy for a while now. What next, a country song based on Rod Stewart’s Maggie May?

10 thoughts on “Sarwar’s use of the Millie Main tragedy goes too far now

  1. No matter how desperate Unionist politicians such as Sarwar are to throw any mud they hope might stick at Sturgeon and the SNP, when it comes to the new Southern General, he might have a point.

    I remember, a year or two back, reading a suggestion that the combination of a sewerage plant to the west of the new building, the prevailing winds and wind vortexes around the new building might contribute to the spread of dirty water – and a possible link to disease.

    OK, it might be a long shot, but, has this been properly investigated, and, might there be a grain of truth in it?


    1. It does sound like a long shot yes. Who decided the proximity of the hospital, and who would have advised on that sort of thing at the time? Architects? surveyors?
      Who contracted them who was in charge of all of that at the council?
      Until there is real evidence of contamination, and a full investigation it’s all hearsay. Sadly people sometimes though very rarely, die in hospital from infection. N. Sturgeon needs to remind people about Labours privatisation of cleaning services in Scottish hospitals where indeed many did suffer and die as a result of infection as a direct result of Labours privatisation. Anyone remember people lying on trolleys in hospital corridors when Labour were in power? I am sure that could be investigated as well as hospital infections and deaths due to Labour privatisation.

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      1. ArtyHetty – See my later btl post on this, but to avoid unhelpful speculation on what are likely to be highly technical investigations: the Shieldhall water treatment plant operated by Scottish Water is located just to the north of the new hospital. This is exactly the same relative position the plant had for decades with respect to the old Southern General Hospital.

        A little knowledge …?

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    2. There is extensive monitoring of all aspects of Scottish major treatment plants, water supplies, plus environmental monitoring, plus hospital air handling system monitoring, etc., etc., in it’s many years of operation no linkage has been found between anywhere and Shieldhall, period.

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    3. The QEUH is on the same site as the former Southern General Hospital, some of whose buildings are still part of the campus. It has always been adjacent to Shieldhall Sewage Works, so, if there were an effect arising from proximity, I am sure it would have been evident years before QEUH was built.

      I have a friend who worked as a nurse in the Southern General during the late 1960s and 1970s. The operating theatres were in huts across from the wards and she recalls patients being wheeled across for surgery, while a nurse held an open umbrella over the patient if it wet or snowing!


  2. The SNP need to get some major leaflets out asap outlining everything the liebour branch office failures to provide anything of worth to the health, wealth and wellbeing of the people of Scotland, in their ten years in power at Holyrood. Then point out the disgraceful Labour PfI scams, leaving Scottish councils in £billions of debt for the foreseeable, sending £billions back to Westminster and basically doing absolutely nothing whatsoever for the good of the people of Scotland. Quite the opposite in fact.
    As if Sarwar gives one iota about anyone other than his own self interests, be does not, he is a Tory, and not even a red Tory.

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  3. My understanding is that a prior review considered the sewerage plant amongst many candidate sources of contamination and found no evidence of it being the source (see The Times 24 November 2019).

    Intuitively – for this layperson at least – this is an unsurprising outcome. The sewerage plant near (north of) the hospital being referred to here is presumably the Shieldhall wastewater treatment facility run by Scottish Water. This is same plant that was for many, many years operating just as close to the old Southern General Hospital.

    There already have been technical investigations undertake at the new ”Southern General Hospital’ (or South Glasgow Hospital if preferred!). See for example this report:

    Source: Health Protection Scotland (2018) Summary of Incident and Findings of the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde: Queen Elizabeth University Hospital/Royal Hospital for Children water contamination incident and recommendations for NHSScotland.

    And because there may well be important, including technical lessons to learn about major hospital facilities – which are now hugely complex bits of infrastructure – the Scottish Hospitals Public Enquiry has rightly been established. The learning from this enquiry is likely to have international significance for those commissioning, building and operating big hospitals.

    For information: ‘The Remit and Terms of reference for the inquiry into the construction of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Campus (QEUH), Glasgow and the Royal Hospital for Children and Young People and Department of Clinical Neurosciences (RHCYP/DCN), Edinburgh. These were announced to the Scottish Parliament on 15 June 2020 by the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, Jeane Freeman MSP. Prior to their publication they were offered for comment to patient and family groups as well as to health spokespersons in Parliament 

    ‘Remit: The overarching aim of this Inquiry is to consider the planning, design, construction, commissioning and, where appropriate, maintenance of both the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Campus (QEUH), Glasgow and the Royal Hospital for Children and Young People and Department of Clinical Neurosciences (RHCYP/DCN), Edinburgh. The Inquiry will determine how issues relating to adequacy of ventilation, water contamination and other matters adversely impacting on patient safety and care occurred; if these issues could have been prevented; the impacts of these issues on patients and their families; and whether the buildings provide a suitable environment for the delivery of safe, effective person-centred care. The Inquiry will make recommendations to ensure that any past mistakes are not repeated in future NHS infrastructure projects. The Inquiry will do this by fulfilling its Terms of Reference.”


    And on whether Mr Sarwar “might have a point”. He will know precisely what investigations have already been undertake and what they have revealed. He will be aware of the public enquiry and its remit. I agree with the sentiment of John’s post.

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  4. Totally agree John, this fiction by Sarwar and HMS Sarah Smith has gone on for far too long, his statements now are beyond outrageous, he has swallowed his own lie. In Sarwar’s warped logic Millie Main travelled back in time to shower with an open canula before the hospital had even opened…. Hello ?

    To reiterate now hazy recollection, the standard pre-commissioning checks identified “potential” for water-bound infection in “dead-ended” pipes and a salmonella risk in showerheads. This is a very far cry from actual infected, contaminated, or dangerous water supply in service, and please note the following crucial point –
    AT NO TIME was the water supplier, a water scientist, biologist, analytical chemist or water engineer engaged to verify any of this as the fiction would have been destroyed. Were there any belief in this story do you not think they might ?

    Post-mortems require listing of any and all potential contributory factors to death, an infection of the canula is a common such potential pathway. This is what this entire fiction has relied upon, POTENTIAL.

    Tragic though death is, particularly so with the young such as Millie Main, what Sarwar and BBC Scotland have done is tantamount to dancing on her grave.

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  5. Sarwar’s ‘ambulance chasing ‘ or should that be ‘hearse chasing ‘ is abhorrent !

    He has been dining out politically on this tragic event for far too long – and sadly the parent of this little girl appears to condone it .

    Distasteful in any context, but obviously to have planned and prepared to run with it in a televised election debate shows the depths he and his advisers are prepared to plumb.
    What a despicable person – even for a politician !


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