Scottish Labour to oppose nationalisation of care homes

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In last night’s STV Leader’s debate, Willie Rennie tells Anas Sarwar that he doesn’t want to see a national care service because he worries about the mistakes we made in centralising the police.

Let’s leave that bizarre notion for another time because Sarwar’s response surprised me. He said:

I think we’ve got to have national standards. You’re right to say that but it’s got to be a mix between the public sector, the voluntary sector and local government and the private sector to make sure we get the right mix.

Really? The Labour Party wants to keep the private sector in our care system, making profits by keeping fees up and wage/resource costs low? Even as a matter of principle it’s a shocking position for the Labour Party to take but remember repeated research reports have shown that the over-reliance on agency staff in the larger, high occupancy, minimum staffing, corporate homes caused the outbreaks and, inadvertently perhaps, the deaths.

Did Labour Party members know this? Will they stay now?

9 thoughts on “Scottish Labour to oppose nationalisation of care homes

  1. Someone please post out to Sarwar a blue tie
    Accompanied with a note to return by enclosed pre paid addressed envelope his red one for suitable disposal in a safe manner by burning
    And once he done so his future membership in The Lords will be guaranteed


  2. Noticed that also last night and I hope many Labour supporters noticed it too.
    That is a weird statement coming from a Labour politician.
    Is his family considering expanding into the care home market?
    Time will tell.

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  3. It might be interesting, maybe, to see his personal investments portfolio. There’s a lot of ‘stuff’ going on in political circles right now.

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  4. The Labour party across the UK including Scotland is just the same as the conservative party they have the same principles the same policies .
    Labour often say they reject conservative policies but the rejection is short lived they eventually support the conservative policies.
    We have see this time and time again in the last two decades.
    We already know that the Labour party became home for those conservative politicians for whom there was no room in the conservative party , a kind of second rate batch of tories.
    Meanwhile the Labour members argued amongst themselves about antisemitism

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  5. It should also be remembered that Mr Gary Smith and Ms Rhea Wolfson, bot full-time GMB union officers and the latter a Labour candidate are always prepared to support private care home owners and to deflect attention from any responsibility for things like PPE and the screening of agency staff.

    Several members of the cabinets of Messrs Blair and Broon, such as Patricia Hewitt and Alan Milburn, have private health provider businesses

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    1. THIS
      Amused by the “bot full-time GMB union officers” all the same, not least because of the accuracy of your spell-checker on “bot”… 🤣

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  6. There has been a lot of selective media “analysis” of the STV debate, usually concluding with how marvellous Anas Sarwar was.

    Unless I’ve missed it, I’ve read nothing about this faux pas on care homes (except here). Has anyone seen it reported anywhere else?

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