For second time, Scotland prioritises the most at risk

In December 2020 and at the beginning of 2021, Scotland vaccinated a lower overall percentage of its population due to the logistical challenges in following JCVI advice to vaccinate care home residents and staff before all others. 99.99% have been jagged. The figures for England are yet to be confirmed.

Because of that, the death rate in Scottish care homes in 2021 has been half of that in England where perhaps nearly 4 000 have died unnecessarily:

At the end of February, again following JCVI advice, NHS Scotland began to allocate a higher proportion of vaccinations to second doses in care homes. By the end of March deaths in English care homes were recording around 250 deaths per week, while in Scotland the figure was only 11, less than half the level proportional to population:

This is the news but it’s not reported anywhere else.

5 thoughts on “For second time, Scotland prioritises the most at risk

  1. And why on earth would they report that
    Such a pity because tis World beating
    And Boris always is World beating
    Deaths / million of population
    Highest trade deficit in the world
    One of the Highest Debt ratios/ capita
    The lowest state pension of the Developed world
    I now understand fully why he wanted Brexit
    Done and take back control
    Cause he desperately wishes to be the BEST

    It might just be called Reverse Logic
    Ah well suppose that is the result of Eton and Oxbridge, All carefully selected and Educated to enrich themselves by the management of
    Empirical collapse entirely to their own benefit and the detriment of all others


  2. I might have mentioned that Tories deal poorly with complexity, tend to lack genuine empathy, and are rather hostile towards public health ethics and environmental justice. Which means they are poor in responding to the welfare needs of the most vulnerable. So it’s no wonder England’s care-home residents are suffering disproportionately.

    Socio-ethical Dimension of COVID-19 Prevention Mechanism—The Triumph of Care Ethics

    “care ethics involves maintaining the world of, and meeting the needs of, ourself and others. It builds on the motivation to care for those who are dependent and vulnerable, and it is inspired by both memories of being cared for and the idealizations of self.”

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  3. John, just reverse those positions ( Scotland in the English position ) and the media would be apoplectic with War Time banner headlines .
    That poor wee wummin , the Ill Health correspondent from BBCScotlandshire would be in need of ICU care such would be her anger !

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