Even in March Care home deaths in England more than twice as high

The appalling costs of the the UK Government’s decision not to vaccinate all care home residents as a first priority, as advised by the experts at the JCCVI, continue to be felt.

In the last 7 days, 252 deaths were recorded by NHS England in care homes. With a tenth of the population, Scotland might have expected to have 25 but in fact had only 11.

This news has been available to Scotland’s MSM for six weeks now but missed.




13 thoughts on “Even in March Care home deaths in England more than twice as high

  1. The Tories are simply hostile towards social justice, which can’t be separated from environmental justice. They are also hostile towards public health and public health ethics. This is because Tories tend to have a rather chauvinistic view of culture, tradition, and individual property rights, which they tend to value above social robustness and a scientific world view. Hence the initial ‘herd-immunity’ policy of letting covid-19 rip through the community.

    Linking health justice, social justice, and climate justice

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      1. I think you have that the wrong way around, as it’s Scots law that evolved from Roman law, whereas English law is grounded in Common law. Though the two coexisted until English legal culture became increasingly hostile towards the doctrines of Roman law, following Henry VIII and the rise of anti-Catholic sentiment as a strand of English/British nationalism.

        Lessons from Roman law: EU law in England and Wales after Brexit


    1. Yes, ‘ignored’ is the word. In the early stage of the pandemic, they were quick, along with Labour, Source, GMB, Morning Star, to blame the SG, based on a selective misuse of statistics. Despite several studies indicating the principal vector in care homes was peripatetic staff and that most of the deaths were in larger privately owned and run care homes and that transfers from hospitals was a defensible action. This lie is recycled regularly, most recently by the nasty Ian Murray MP.

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  2. OT

    re. Roman law and Common law. Unsurprisingly, Roman law was amenable to Natural law reasoning, and gave birth to the civil law culture that is followed in much of Europe and the rest of the world. Though the Common law was to a large degree structured through the traditions of Roman law, and is not intrinsically hostile towards the universal nature of Natural law principles, it has become increasingly so since the 17th century. Brexit is completely blind to the principles of Natural law, and the natural rights of Scots. Scots law is defined as a mixed system that contains elements of both Civil and Common law. That’s how I understand things anyway, though I’m happy to be corrected.

    Law Reform in a Mixed ‘Civil Law’ and ‘Common Law’ Jurisdiction


      1. Those embedded in a long-running system, tend to hold the same world view encouraged by that system.
        Its a kind of positive feedback for those in big business, drug gangs, mafia States and the electoral dictatorships “enjoyed” in the UK.
        Be much the same in China.


      2. John
        Not a theory re Chomsky,but a matter of fact
        As The Nazis were well aware of
        How do you think it was possible to build such a large formidable war machine and liquidate so many enemies and Jews
        Without the administration skills of the middle classes
        Nuremburg trials singularly missed this point
        Wonder why
        Big clue when it comes down to it who in the middle classes would refuse the spoils of such
        Hitler understood this simple little principle
        Perfectly and that is exactly why the might of Germany rose so rapidly from almost nothing to produce the most formidable fighting war machine the Planet has ever known
        Not believe me then explain
        1.When Hitler launched his attack upon France ,Germany only had 1 tank to the 22 no. France had
        2.How did so few SS guards liquidate vast numbers with consummate speed and efficency
        Remove the skill sets of the middle classes and you fail


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