Why are domestic abuse statistics in Scotland and England so different?

In 2019/20 there were 1 681 cases of recorded domestic abuse in Scotland.

England & Wales have around 11 times the population and, all things being equal, they should have around 18 500 cases but, in the same year, there were 842 813 cases reported!

A less extreme contrast can be seen in sexual assaults with 4 936 cases in Scotland, not 11 times more or around 53 000 in England & Wales, but 153 136!

And, Rape & attempted rape in Scotland reported at 2 343 cases, not 11 times more or around 27 000 in England& Wales but 56 152, twice as high per capita.




7 thoughts on “Why are domestic abuse statistics in Scotland and England so different?

  1. Easily explained
    When England reinforces Thatherism,s mantra of
    No such thing of society
    You end up with Dog eat Dog
    Impoverisation of the Masses
    Poorer health
    Poor overall education
    Which always ends up in revolt or dictator ship
    One wonders which of the above 2 reach for their guns first

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  2. These crimes are, of course, inexcusable, no matter how few there are or wherever they occur. The key point which this site is exemplifying continuously is the need for context and perspective in making judgements and condemnations and condemning and blaming is something the meejavolk exist for.

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  3. There is a really low conviction rate for rape cases 3%? It is considered to be under reported. Many cases are not even pursued by the police/Courts. Unless there are a high percentage of getting a conviction. There is a reason in England for not proceeding. They are now taking people’s phones.

    In Scotland there is a need for corroboration. Another witness. That is can be extremely difficult. It is usually the interaction between two people. There are no witnesses. One person’s word against another. If they removed the need for corroboration in rape cases. There might be higher convictions.

    There is a new domestic abuse Act in Scotland. It cannot be dropped. Even though complainants want it to be dropped. Or change their minds. If there is a dispute. Charges can be exaggerated, To try and get a conviction. Or if a malicious complaint is made. Caroline Flack. Committed suicide rather than go to Court. Even though her boyfriend wasted the charges dropped. A neighbour had complained. (Hate Bill).


    1. With regards abuse and rape of the female sex
      We have a massive bio chemical problem
      All due the most potent chemical in existence
      And that is testosterone
      More powerful than any narcotic
      And responsible for much of histories awful


  4. Nature or nurture.

    Austerity and withdrawal of support in London has increased knife crime 200 a year. Austerity has killed over 120,000.

    Strict gun laws keep the murder rate low. The low number of guns available are either taken back illegally or smuggled from war zones. Or converted weapons.

    Proof of Gov policy affecting murder/killing rates.

    The Westminster Gov killing people worldwide. In illegal,wars. Can result in revenge attacks in the UK. People getting killed and murdered. Westminster policies in Ireland resulted in violence, death and murder, inequality and poverty. People not being allowed to vote.

    Government policies influence the number of murders and killings. Depressed people with lack of support. Commit suicide. Drink/drug policies. MUP has cut premature death.

    People could die because of the Rangers carry on. Obsessing about a football club. With nothing much else in people’s lives. Not very sporting or wise. Putting a strain on the SNHS.

    The murder rate is low but could be even lower. Eliminated. People do not intend murder. Aggression or neglect can take over. There are anger management counselling to which people can be referred.

    £250million funding has been allocated to (total abstinence?) drug/drink proper rehabilitation counselling. It should be available under the SNHS. Drs should be able to refer people. Or it has to be paid for privately. The places with the highest drug problems are Iraq, UK and the US.

    Mexico (Brazil) has a high murder rate per capita in the world. Gov policies can define murder rates.

    Women are abused worldwide. Strategies can be put in place for equality. Male violence can be contained or eliminated with some effort. People being more caring and considerate.

    People can be considerate and care for others in the community, Queuing. Many people help each other. The pandemic has show people can be considerate and follow the rules and guidelines to keep others safe. People are concerned for the elderly. The most affected. People really love their mums (and dad’s). Equality can be cohesive. Family means a lot.

    The Royals are not cohesive (or happy?) despite considerable wealth. Life in a goldfish bowl. Illegal wars killing people dies not work. Just causes misery to all concerned. Liars always get found out. You cannot take it with you. Share it about. Eye of a needle. Altruism makes people happier and healthier. Leads to a longer life.

    Gov policies do make a difference. To life chances and life expectancy. Keeping people healthy to have a better life, Less stressful and calm. Murderers end up behind bars for life. Notorious and shunned. Many die in prison.

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  5. There is an £Billionaire of Irish descent. He has financed the IR education system and helped secure the Good Friday agreement but wanted to remain anonymous.

    Biden is of Irish descent. Mother was a Finnegan. Irish roots. (Obama)
    Support for Scottish Independence. 10% of US voters of Scottish/Irish descent, it could swing a US election.

    The principles of self determination and self governance. Democracy. The founding fathers.based on the Declaration at Arbroath. Scotland’s democratic right to self determination and self government, So people are not killed or murdered by the State policies. Make the world a better place.

    Devolution is based on EU principles. Entwined. Scotland wants to be part of the EU. The EU founded to stop starvation and war in Europe after WW2. Millions were killed. The world is still not at peace. A tragedy. A pandemic.

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  6. When the Fox “Star Chamber Committee” come to Scotland, they will want to know why we suffer from such low domestic abuse/rape/stalking/revenge porn.

    Witch Finder General Fox (Ffoulkes?) wants us all to suffer equally.


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