Would you trust a Tory Councillor and adviser to Ruth Davidson?

John McLellan is by no means a journalist these days if he ever was. He’s a political campaigner for the Scottish Conservatives allowed to hide in the pages of the Scotsman and snipe at the SNP.

Briefly, on ‘shattered trust’ does he mean this from Opinium on 17th March 2021?

Which, if any, of the following people do you think would be the best First Minister of Scotland?

  1. Nicola Sturgeon: 50%
  2. None of these: 15%
  3. Don’t know: 13%
  4. Douglas Ross: 12%
  5. Anas Sarwar: 10%

or this:

I know who is shattered.

Here he is:

He got more votes than any other candidate? Wow! Is that why he won?

Some details suggesting he might not be all that professional:

On 23 June 2012 McLellan was appointed director of communications of the Scottish Conservatives. Former Tory spin doctor Ramsay Jones was suspended during the previous year’s party leadership elections.[7] McLellan advised Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson on communications strategy, direction and content.

In the May 2017 Scottish local government elections McLellan was elected to the City of Edinburgh Council as Conservative councillor, one of four councillors for the Craigentinny & Duddingston Ward.

He was a member of the  Defence, Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee (2006–12).


The last one suggests an affinity with the preservation of the UK beyond what most other Unionist journos feel they need to demonstrate – House Jock Max.

McLellan’s commitment to quality journalism is always not evident:

England’s good progress? Why not Scotland’s good progress? I suppose it was the first country he thought of.

9 thoughts on “Would you trust a Tory Councillor and adviser to Ruth Davidson?

  1. The look on that face says it all.

    Sour plumes FOR breakfast

    Underneath the well dressed Toff

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  2. The most tiresome aspect of McLennan’s piece is parading the Tory’s disgraceful attempt to obfuscate the Inquiry’s actual remit with what Hamilton has been tasked and what the Scottish Parliament decides to do about it.

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  3. He is right, though. It WAS stupid to leak the draft of the Committee’s findings.

    It’s even more stupid to break the Ministerial Code for political gain to accuse someone who MAY, POTENTIALLY have broken the Ministerial Code – which wasn’t in your remit because it’s being independently judged – in a way which, if done may have been done inadvertently (one might even say stupidly).

    The question is
    Are the people of Scotland as stupid as the people who leaked?

    I see they also decided to bring in a fresh charge that the FM had misled THEM, which is the same as misleading Parliament, so she’s broken the Code again!

    Perhaps they can hold a fresh inquiry into the FM’s behaviour at the same time as they’re examining the (did he effectively call them idiots?) – let’s call them politicians – who either directly leaked the findings or discussed them on television before Parliament had seen the finished article. It’ll save “Taxpayers’ Money” too.

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