Where are we now?


With infection levels broadly similar now across the UK, it’s a bit shocking to see the evidence of a third wave across countries which had been more successful in controlling the virus the first wave, even Norway.

Similar contrasts can be seen in death rates. You’ll remember our MSM’s glee when Scotland had one of the higher rates. No sign of interest now.


Hopefully, Norway has vaccinated all of its care home residents and their surge in infections does not kill.

4 thoughts on “Where are we now?

  1. John
    Norway and all due to the English Kent Variant is now suffering terribly
    They now have more per head of population
    Than Scotland
    With Hospital, ICU and new daily infections
    Before New year they had only 0ne third of such and now headed for Twice as much
    Perversely this proves Scotland,s systems
    Appear to be even better than a fully Indy Norway
    Such is Quite remarkable given the conditions and lack of resource’s and power
    We have
    Dross should demand a full enquiry as to how
    This can possibly be

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    1. N S’s day job was going extremely well(better than most leaders in fact and lauded by world leaders) but she cannot win Now being called to get on with the day job after agreeing under pressure to give up the daily covid briefings…make up your minds

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