3 700 unnecessary care home deaths in England because…?

Covid: Four January weeks see 133 BCP care home deaths | Bournemouth Echo
(c) Bournemouth Daily Echo

From the 1st of January 2021 until the 26th February, 9 088 care home residents in England died from confirmed Covid-19.

From the 1st of January 2021 until the 28th February, 532 care home residents in Scotland died from confirmed Covid-19.

England has ten times the population so pro-rata might have been expected to have ten times as many deaths, 5 320, but had around 3 700 more.

Had NHS England, followed the JCVI advice and vaccinated care home residents as a priority above all others, 3 700 lives might have been saved.

Who told them not to follow the JCVI advice? Who told NHS Scotland to follow it?

We know. Will the UK media tell everyone else?




4 thoughts on “3 700 unnecessary care home deaths in England because…?

  1. John
    You ask
    Will the UK media tell everyone else as to the massive disparity in Care home deaths from confirmed Covid , between Scotland and England
    I wish to confirm that without doubt but with one caveat that it is 100% guaranteed to do so in a manner that such become a matter of
    Clear The Front Page
    After all those fine people in the MSM
    Operate to the highest possible standards with regards matters of huge public interest
    And significance, and particularly so in matters of life and death
    For the Caveat
    Only and Only when
    Hell doth freezeth Over

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  2. “We know. Will the UK media tell everyone else?”
    – No.
    That equally applies to DRoss, dePfeffel, the Baronless, etc, it simply disappears from public view by omission.
    Nevertheless the public DO know the facts which makes MSM’s agenda untenable despite best efforts, it’s not journalism when you knowingly misrepresent and lie.

    That reality has been well and truly rammed home to Scots with HMS Sarah Smith front and centre on the propaganda front, the “news where you are” has mutated from comedic sketch to blatant propaganda.

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