Will it never improve? What, it has?

The Herald’s trusted and reliable reporting helping to to make sense of the world you live in? Well maybe not that one.

Try these:

New cases down to only a fifth, deaths less than half, hospitals emptying, care homes protected!

Yes, the 7 day average for new cases is 543 down from 2 649 at the beginning of 2021. 7 day average for deaths, inevitably lagging but down at 21 from 55 on January 12th.

750 in hospital, down from 2 053 on January 22nd. 69 in ICU, down from 161 on January 21st.

28 deaths in care homes in week-ending28th February, down from 143 in week-ending 17th January.




4 thoughts on “Will it never improve? What, it has?

  1. Quite a difference there in numbers of infection and deaths I hope it continues to drop. The media scaremongering and negative reporting is a disgrace. Those writing for these rags should hang their heads in shame for the harm that they do to Scotland.

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  2. Of course, if they used the % of tests that would lead readers to a completely different conclusion.

    Which is, of course, why they don’t…2.6% positive today

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