Nuisance callers

I’ve set up my landline phone so that nuisance callers have to say who they are before getting through. They don’t seem bother any more. It’s great.

However, nuisance callers remain a problem for those who follow the news. You could easily click on the above and be rewarded with an all-too-predictable line from the Scottish Conservatives.

You can see why the headline doesn’t mention them. Even the foolhardy would know not to follow through with a click.

I guess most of us know what to expect now and are not tempted but they’re still at it today, as they have been for years:

Guess who? Yes, it was Jackson Carlaw. Just him. No one worth bothering about.

Is it a form of anti-advertising. Do the Scottish Tories have to pay a fee to not get a mention in the headline?

And they’re still at:

‘Calls?’ Two? Nope, just the Scottish Tories, yesterday so that should be ‘amid no calls today.’

7 thoughts on “Nuisance callers

  1. John, I think the tories have lost all pretence about NS and will blame her for everything and as the election gets nearer it will get worse.

    About the bbc I don’t know if you have seen this but it would it would be great if they did the same regarding Sarah Smith and not just a correction from her on Twitter.

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  2. The way i handle nuisance callers if i can identify is as follows
    I answer by saying Sgt.Smith here, Fauldhouse Madhouse
    How may i be of assistance
    Result Stunned silence
    But in the event that i cannot identify
    I answer by simple hello
    And ask them to reveal themselves
    If and when they do i ask as to what purpose they are calling
    Then i ask to whom do they wish to speak
    If they ask for myself by inference in any capacity
    I reply that unfortunately the person you wish to speak has taken temporarily leave of their senses and currently in a straight jacket
    And muzzled
    But should the situation ever improve you are
    Most welcome to endeavour again

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  3. Mistakes, mistakes mistakes but everything’s fine.

    Margaret Mitchell asking some questions.

    Alex Salmond should start up a Party . If he can be bothered. There is a need for another. To harvest the votes.


    1. I’ve just finished watching Margaret Mitchell’s ‘performance’.

      She didn’t ask questions, it was a party political broadcast aimed at undermining ScotGov and promoting the Yoonyun. Eventually, the Convenor had to shut her up and point out that she hadn’t posed a discernible question! What a disgrace,

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  4. Pertinent questions. Why arbitration wasn’t used as per usual? Save time, space and monies. Follow the guidelines. Save a lot of hassle.

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