What we’re dealing with

Scotland on Sunday, today, is full of articles and letters by Scotland in Union’s anti-democratic covert letter-writing team and their mainstream pals like Ian Murray.

Allan Sutherland, one of their most prolific members, is there today. Rebut? I can’t be bothered. How many will read his letter? Here are some of his greatest hits:


Gill Stevenson, another regular, has been everywhere in the last few days. I did rebut but I’m getting tired:


Prof Pennington, a BBC Scotland (only) regular too, is another of the more prolific ones. See this nasty wee piece:


Nastiness is their calling card. The tweet above is so them.

12 thoughts on “What we’re dealing with

  1. Aye, nice folk eh. All given a voice by this dreadful lying propaganda sheet. How dare that nasty dangerous, right wing rag, even use the word Scotland, they are British Nationalist they should call themselves that. The people of Scotland ‘deserve better’, that’s for sure. Scotland’s been being lied to for far too long, time for that BritNat narrative to end.

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  2. Quite difficult for these people realising that they now represent a minority view in Scotland.
    Must be a bit like the way Trump and his supporters have reacted to being rejected by the majority in the USA.
    It is being reported that a package leaking smoke was intercepted by authorities in Edinburgh yesterday.
    Apparently it was addressed to our FM.

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  3. The hypocrisy of such ‘writers’ is shameless. If someone were to use similarly offensive language towards them they would express horror with the media pursuing the accusers with venom. These are nasty people who feel their ‘entitlement’ is under threat.

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  4. Is it a bad thing or a good thing that I can’t be bothered reading their rubbish? I don’t buy the papers to start with and have no desire even to follow the links.

    OTOH, I do feel guilty that you do all this work, then I don’t want to follow it up. I suppose I should, then I know just exactly what sort of venom is out there…

    OT Other OH, does anybody (apart from people like your good self) read this stuff who doesn’t already believe it? Or are they merely preaching to an ever-decreasing choir? Who shouldn’t be singing whilst Crony Virus regs are in force anyway!

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  5. Anyone who has studied the history of the Empire has read these stories before. The list of countries that have gained independence have all trod the same path. The outward appearance may differ e.g. Armed uprising, Civil disobedience, Political agreed stages etc. However the common obstacle is the internal division created and nurtured by London. (Often based on risk to individuals personal wealth, standing or privilege)

    Every country suffers the same tirade that they are too poor to survive without the generosity of London. America was told they would be a wasteland without the “support” of London. India was given the same story as Billions were stolen from them. The “Private Company” who ran India of course shared in that glorious profit.

    Look at the evidence the Union itself presents. The wealth, population, etc of 4 Nations gravitates towards the South of England. The Union has not served Ireland, Wales, Ireland or the North of England well.

    I am certain that Scotland can build a much fairer society. I look at the small nations of the World and compare it to the Politics of Westminster and any possible doubt about our required path vanishes.

    The Green Ink gang may genererate thousands of letters between them but each has ONE vote. Democracy is not shaped by letter writers.

    Issues that will shape your vote are: Trident, Astute Class submarines, Aircraft Carriers, Illegal Wars, The worst pension in Europe, Foodbanks, Children in Poverty, Global Warming, House of Lords, Royalty (born to Rule), Leaving the EU, Internal Market (crushing Devolution), Food standards, Workers Rights, Immigration Policy etc etc

    I am too old to benefit from Independence. However, unlike the Green Ink Gang, I argue for our future generations and not through self interest.

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    1. Well said Julia. I’m also in the camp that never reads their pathetic attempts to brainwash the population with their lies Thry are collaborators. Paid subversives of a failed, and failing, British State, which is becoming increasingly chaotic day by day.
      I wonder how long Johnson can survive as P.M? Already Felixstowe reporting chaos, and Brexit hasn’t started. That combined with his shambolic handling of the Pandemic, must mean his jacket is on s shoogly nail.


  6. The ScotsToryman. What’s in a name?

    It was a newspaper once, and a good one. Then it was ransacked and looted by Brit Nats (though a Canadian led the way).
    Now it is a mouthpiece for Brit Nat Ultra’s, like Wee Brian Wilson—-who, as a Director of the Scottish Resource Group (alongside James Randolph, the Earl of Lindsay) left large parts of Scotland with huge ecological damage, and left workers with their pensions much reduced.
    A Red Tory from his top to his toes.


  7. Readership 16.000. Out of a 5.4million population. Looks like they should not even bother. What a waste of time and space printing it. Up to their eyes in debt. Reconstructed debt. Share price 2.475.


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