BBC, RT, Herald and Scotsman to share Scotland in Union Correspondent

Anything else? Votes for ‘proud Scots’ living in the US, Oz, NZ and Saudi or on the Dark Side of the Moon? A security pact with Israel? List seats in Holyrood for DUP Ulster Scots? We get to keep Trident?

Seriously though, would this mean that a Scot having an RT show is both good and bad at the same time? Would it mean hormone-injected haggis? Would we have Kent-like borders around the remain areas?

If passed, will the Clarity Act mean that all the other countries who have left the British Empire now have to revisit their withdrawal acts and submit them to the same requirements? Will we be obliged to take them back if they can’t?

Will there be a Sanity Clause in the act? Are any of those promoting the Clarity Act expected to satisfy the Sanity Clause? There is no Sanity Clause?

Allan Sutherland is popping up with such frequency now that he surely deserves a job with either George Galloway, Kay Adams, the Herald or the Scotsman.

The Scotland in Union stalwart was in the Herald yesterday with the above letter. He was there the previous day too with this:

You have to admire his energy if not his macho metaphors. Here’s a Taste of Sutherland:

There’s no stopping this boy!

14 thoughts on “BBC, RT, Herald and Scotsman to share Scotland in Union Correspondent”

  1. Ethnic politics.

    “English votes for English Laws” except, apparently for English people living outside England?????

    Now , to please the Brit Nats, we are to have ethnic “Scottish” votes for Scottish self-government—except for Scots living elsewhere—I have.a brother in Canada: nieces, cousins, aunts and uncles, in Canada and around the world.
    Are English residents in Scotland to be denied a vote?

    Unless Scotland is a colony(and even then there are rules), then Scots should decide the rules of their own plebiscite.

    It is important this referendum should have oversight from elsewhere. We should not have the disgrace of 2014 where the Brits had control over the ballot boxes, and counting: a gloating Ruth Davidson “knew” the result before the ballot boxes had legally been opened.

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  2. Noticed over on RT ‘news’ they have joined in the witch hunt re; M. Ferrier.
    They just blotted their copybook far as I’m concerned but then they do give George enemy of Scotland Galloway a voice so shouldn’t be surprised.


  3. When I read the tsunami of pish generated by Allan Sutherland and the Mad History Wummin, to name but two of SIU’s green ink brigade, how I long for that erudite gentleman from Jedburgh, who was a daily fixture in the Herald and Scotsman letters pages, or the wonderful observations from Herald rugby writer Bill McMurtrie’s father, himself a distinguished journalist.

    Back when these gentlemen were writing to the papers, even if you disagred with them, their offerings simply oozed reason and class.

    Now we have the SIU dummies spitting their dummies.


    1. i think the guy in Jedburgh was Anthony J Kerr and he was followed for a wee while by his son’s letter-writing.


  4. ‘Clarity Act’. Is that a joke, it must be, it sounds ridiculous and is ridiculous.
    These people do like making things up don’t they, but it just exposes their utter desperation. If you have to include G. Galloway in your campaign, you have really lost the plot.
    Scotland has no ‘debt’ Allan Sutherland seems to have left that bit out! If you can’t borrow you have no debt, it’s England’s ‘debt’, and any money ‘borrowed’ lol on Scotland’s behalf would be hugely offset by Scotland’s right to UK assets. They do take people for fools these people don’t they.


  5. Didn’t realise Sutherland’s role in “National Disability” was to disable Scotland from Stoney…
    A “clarity act” from the Tories probably involves clingfilm, so fair warning…


    1. I coined ‘dead tree scrolls’ for the tired old pulp fiction churned out now by the Fourth Estate Fifth Column, Gordon.
      News papers are an ancient form of communication, which, when exposed to the harsh light of day, crumbles to dust.
      Homing pigeons, town criers, and Tonto the go-to guy in the tribe who sends up smoke signals, are more efficient than mashing forests to pulp, just to tell us all how wunnerful life an an occupied military colony of England is.

      Who is funding these Blahs now?
      Their circulation must number in the low thousands, and their advertising revenue reduced to mere clickbait chunk change.

      Baroness Rape Clause, Ruth Davidson’s half mill Dark Money channelled through the DUP can only stretch so far.


  6. Haha mr Sutherland is an idiot
    His suggestions are idiotic
    He wants a “remain” clause for those areas of Scotland who vote against Scottish independence unfortunately precedence was set when those areas in Scotland that voted against brexit didn’t get to remain in the EU
    Basically ….ALL of Scotland


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