Outbreak on Union Street Part 2: Did Aberdeen’s Unionists cause the spike?

Councillor Marie Boulton is under increasing pressure to quit as head of the licensing board.
(c) DC Thomson

On August 6th, we reported a source in Aberdeen telling us:

There is a faction of Unionists in Aberdeen who are fanatically anti-SNP anti-Nicola Sturgeon.  They have been deliberately ignoring all the rules to “show support for Boris” and encouraging others to do the same.  I understand this includes giving false details, and not giving details at all.

Two days earlier, we read of the City’s Soul Bar, owned by PB Devco, announcing that is was closing after discovering someone who had tested positive had visited the bar.

Then on 28th August, the P&J reported:

Aberdeen’s under-fire licensing board chief Marie Boulton has been accused of “actively misleading” the public – and told her position is now “untenable”.

Boulton is accused of expediting an application from major city pub group PB Devco for a 280 person-marquee.

The P&J then revealed that local Tory MSP Liam Kerr ha written to the licensing board urging it to push the application through.

In 2017, PB Devco donated £20,000 to the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party.

Not proof but a smell?

10 thoughts on “Outbreak on Union Street Part 2: Did Aberdeen’s Unionists cause the spike?”

  1. Do not be surprised if MI5
    Involved in this
    Read the History of WESTMINSTER
    and the ” official secrets act ” that well and truly enable such bodies to engage in nefarious activities and not be seen to
    Especially when what theyvsee as a real threat to the UK State
    And Scottish Indy is by far the largest threat they have confronted & to use their words ” In a Generation”
    1. When and not if we go they Bankrupt
    2. Their future is Not Orange
    It is Black
    3. They lose Trident
    4.Lose UN security council permanent seat
    5.Their standing and influence in World affairs plummets to that of a 3rd nation of little or no consequence
    And all the attendant problems for them that shall arise due to all the above factors
    Why the hell do you think they are in full war mode now
    They bloody well know Scotland,s performance re.covid is streets ahead
    And ABC( BBC) & MSM Have been ordered All Hands to The Pumps
    All to hide the awful truth if all in Scotland
    Became truly aware of the actual facts re.covid from beginning to current.Then Indy support would be 60% +
    And that is the high water mark that saying NO is completely untenable for them
    Know thy foe
    And in these matters desperate time require desperate measures
    The pen is upon the pages of History
    Tis it not
    So we must be on our guard at all times
    And never ever give them the oppurtunity
    To increase their insidious efforts to thwart us
    In military terms there is a dictum
    Always let your foes make the mistakes
    Never you
    And when they do ruthlessly punish the errors
    In fact subtly encourage them to do so in haste as a wrong move against your Teasing for the want of a better word
    They already well on the way to having lost the plot in many matters pertaining now
    Hence all the erratic foaming at the mouth on a growing relentless daily basis
    So lets lay the beast to waste in Holyrood 2021 ballot
    And condemn them to a future that is well and truly deserved along with being one of entirely their own construction
    Buddhism has a word for it

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    1. Shhhhhh, England will be just fine without Scotland taking all their cash, much better off if they demand to ditch Scotland pronto, definitely. Anyway, Scotland has those nasty nats as well and they bite, and it’s freezing most of the year as well, it’s cold and desolate, so leave it to the hardy natives to stand on their own half a million feet! 🙂

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      1. Not to be picky, Arty – well, actually, yes to be picky 🙂 – should that not be half a million PAIRS of feet?

        Or do ‘they’ think we’re all one-legged dwarfs?

        In which case, why don’t they just tell us to hop it? Sorry. Couldn’t resist. I’ll get me coat…


  2. Movie quotes–

    “I love the smell of baksheesh in the morning—-it smells like TORY”.

    From the film–“Ajockalypse Now”!

    Directed by Alexi Borisimo Pfeffelo.
    Starring Clint DRosso and Leonardo Dikerrio!
    Best Girl–Drouthy Dame-Son.
    Castaways–Priti Patel.
    Transport by Jackdaw Carlotti.
    Filmotography, in full widescreen horrorscope— Hi Jack’n’ory

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  3. It would not take much to risk lives by deliberately allowing Covid19 to run rampage in Scotland, easy peasy in fact. Looking at numbers at the moment, to open up football matches to allow fans in stadiums would be absolute suicide for Scotland. The ‘Tsunami’ of SNP bad and N. Sturgeon should resign would be huge. They really don’t want NS to be in her job by next May do they.


  4. On Sun, 4 Oct 2020 at 14:38, The Tusker [Talking-up Scotland Collective] wrote:

    > johnrobertson834 posted: ” (c) DC Thomson On August 6th, we reported a > source in Aberdeen telling us: There is a faction of Unionists in Aberdeen > who are fanatically anti-SNP anti-Nicola Sturgeon. They have been > deliberately ignoring all the rules to “show support for Boris” >


  5. An absolute disgrace people not following the rules. Lack of awareness. ACC is an absolute disgrace. Corrupt beyond reason. Run by an illegal cabel of unionists. An illegal Tory/Labour administration. Labour members expelled from the Party. Unionist Alliance an non existent political party. Not on the electoral register. Corrupt as hell. Wasting public money beyond reason.


  6. The mess at the sea front. A barrier put in. It is so bad it could cause accidents. Totally spoiled the sea front and dangerous. Appalling mismanagement. ACC administration has ruined the City. ACC unionists illegally sold the City on the stock exchange. £1.2Billion in debt. They have wasted £Million that could have been better spent. Electoral corruption. The are not fit for public office.

    Alex Salmond (SNP) constructed the AWPR, invested in wind turbines and renewables. Funded the Harbour extension and supported the golf development. Helped bring support and investment to the area. Vital investment. The unionists held back investment for 40 years.


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