Scotland Politics: 5 out of 7 reports about one woman who made a mistake

What’s the figure of speech – feeding frenzy, pile-on? This is way over the score. One woman makes a mistake but, in the wider context, by no means the biggest any politician or public figure has made recently.

By their decisions, Boris Johnson and the university leaders have caused the infection of thousands. Many will get long-covid and some will die because of their actions. Margaret Ferrier may have infected a tiny number and some of them may get sick. Will her actions have killed even one? Unlikely.

BBC Scotland have chosen to write 5 different reports on this one woman, including Sarah Smith’s usual miscalculation of the effects on the First Minister.

I predict, zero effect on SNP support. Check the next few polls.

4 thoughts on “Scotland Politics: 5 out of 7 reports about one woman who made a mistake”

  1. Perversely in the polls this will have a + effect on the SNP Polling and here is why
    1.It was a stupid but unforgivable mistake
    And the quicker she resigns the better
    2. People are NOT stupid and instantly they will compare Nicolas response and that of Boris to D.Cummings
    3.The SNP acted expeditiously and following the Protocol explicity
    Which any responsible organisation MUST do
    And such will no doubt lead to her expulsion from the party
    And that is game over as far as ABC (BBC)
    & MSM concerned
    4.Little in their eagerness to Badddddd SNP do the ABC & MSM realise
    That the net result is only to give The Indy cause even more oxygen and that most voters know full well what game they play
    In their vain futile effects to turn the incoming tide of rising Indy support back
    Thereby convincing more and more of the doubters and undecided to firm up for YES
    All I say more wind to the sails of all in the ABC & MSM regards this matter
    They have a massive load to get up the hill
    In trying to turn back the ever rising support for Indy
    And insist upon placing such load upon a dead or stubborn donkey
    Whilst we have a pure bred thoroughbred
    1st class horse and a willing one at that to take our load of Indy votes & support to the top of the hill and that horse is Nicola
    So fret not

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  2. There have been at least three serious QC-led inquiries into sexual misconduct/harassment/bullying at Westminster–long lists of Tory and Labour miscreants linked with rape allegations to suicides.
    Dozens of names.
    But Scotland colonial media are only concerned with Mark McDonald, Salmond and now Ferrier.
    Is there a link? You betcha—its called BIAS.

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  3. The witch hunt carries on unabated. You can just imagine the wee story writers, at their keyboards heh heh heh…how pathetic. Did people go stark raving mad before the internet? Because when the media control 100% of the narrative it’s like a living nightmare, one of those old films, accused, guilty, tried, judged, convicted, by BritNat media. At least we have the internet now to get a few alternative views, facts and information.
    M. Ferrier did a stupid thing, she has paid the price, now leave it, little pip squeak media story writers.
    PS. Not excusing M. Ferrier, but the chances of being on a train where someone somewhere in one of the carriages has Covid19 are probably pretty high in England.

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    1. I believe you’ve just nailed it, “the chances of being on a train where someone somewhere in one of the carriages has Covid19 are probably pretty high in England”
      They needed a sacrificial Scot as diversion, some habits don’t change.
      But let’s flip this further, what was she working on that needed buried before this “unfortunate incident” unfolded ?

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