Tusker polls suggest BBC Scotland news is excremental but good for the SNP

The Tusker’s statistics department ran three linked polls yesterday, relating to perceptions of BBC Scotland news.

The one above suggested that 91% think BBC Scotland News coverage present a negative view of Scotland.

The second suggests that BBC Scotland news reporting is actually reinforcing support for the Yes campaign:

Finally, the third poll suggests that the efforts of Sarah Smith, Glenn Campbell and the others, may be increasingly counter-productive:

This may be a relatively new phenomenon, outside of the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany, where people don’t just disbelieve the state broadcaster but come to believe the opposite of what it says.

6 thoughts on “Tusker polls suggest BBC Scotland news is excremental but good for the SNP

  1. When you get “journalism”, only fit for Neues Deutschland standards of accuracy, impartiality and balance, the public eventually see through it. People then discount anything they cannot see outside their own window as being real or true.
    The BBC that operates in Scotland and ALL the newspapers have a very specific way of presenting news items.—
    They embellish and amplify anything they think is to the advantage of the Union.
    They diminish, rubbish or ignore news of advantage to independence.

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