Can the Greens really overtake Labour? We ask the polls

Without even checking the evidence I hae ma doots. However, see these:

The constituency votes above with Labour six times or more ahead.

The regional votes above, show Labour at least two times ahead.

It’s not looking promising unless they know something we don’t.

And, if they don’t stop helping the opposition to defeat the SNP on matters of supposed principle, they be can say goodbye to second votes from SNP supporters.

Defeating a budget in 2009 before Offensive behaviour at football, testing in schools, GP shortages……

And, only days ago joining with the opposition parts and the MSM in promoting the care homes death myth:

17 thoughts on “Can the Greens really overtake Labour? We ask the polls

  1. It is a little early in the game
    But of late i have taken notice of those Unionists who are foot soldiers as instructed
    By our colonial masters to letter write etc to the MSM and post to online forums
    That recently they are beginning to rope the Greens into the ring for a whipping alongside the SNP & Yes groups
    Is this a clear sign that they have become aware of the real danger a large list vote for the Greens poses for the Better Together Quisling branch office parties
    Especially for
    The Liberals that might just be obliterated
    And The Tories knocked into 3rd place
    And more likely to fall further as time goes by
    Therefore i believe that The Greens holding the SNP to account is a very good thing if Doubters of Yes are willing to lend their support in the list voting
    But we must be very wary of Westminster
    Only trying to take a Clear SNP majority into account and dismissing the Green Numbers in the event of a clear Indy majority
    Nonetheless they are probably seeing the Greens as a real threat now and will undoubtedly become so if voters are willing to vote green in increasing numbers for the list vote
    For the Yes side this scenario is far more beneficial for us than our foes


    1. Too many generalities being used there for my liking.

      There isn’t a catch-all panacea where SNP constituency, Greens list has the same outcomes across the regions.

      In the South, where the Tories will be most likely to win seats at constituency level, a Green vote could allow a Unionist from another party to sneak ahead of the SNP on the list.

      Where the SNP are likely to sweep the constituencies, it may have some merit; but only if people do it in sufficient numbers. It’s a big but though & in all probability won’t happen with the numbers required. In the end it could do more harm than good, but the way things are going shouldn’t matter.

      The SNP are currently heading for an overall majority, so whether the Greens being able to hold them to account won’t factor. Whether you think it’s a good idea or not. I’m all for consensus politics, but consensus politics can wait for now; let’s get out of the Union first & foremost.

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  2. Every sane person WANTS to be “green”. Not always easy, with packaging the way it is.
    The Green party would be better served by having a less yappy/pompous leader, and one who wasnt quite as keen on the sound of his own voice as Harvie seems to be.
    They would also be better promoting solutions that served communities better–for example electric or hydrogen powered vehicles rather than forms of transport that dont work in rural/remote areas.

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    1. That is not fair on Mr Harvie. He lives quite near me and our paths have crossed on several occasions and I have got on well with him. He is quite reserved and modest, socially, and expresses his views assertively. He does, indeed, promote community solutions.

      I am not am member of the Greens, but in systems other than FPTP, I give them a vote.

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      1. Alasdair, I bow to your personal connection with Mr Harvie–I can only speak of his media presence.
        However, I do dispute that the Greens promote people friendly solutions to transport. Unless I have missed something, there focus is on urban mass transit–not suitable for most of Scotland, which is well spread out, if not remote.

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      2. I agree that with regard to public transport Mr Harvie and others are very focussed on public transport in Glasgow and the surrounding urban areas. A number of my neighbours are involved in “Get Glasgow moving” and several of them are members of the local Greens and that will undoubtedly influence Mr Harvie.

        Although the bulk of Scotland’s population is pretty densely packed in the central belt, the bulk of the area of Scotland is sparsely populated and under-populated and public transport is scarce and, is a significant factor in the under population of the area. Car transport is essential for many people and the accident rate per capita is higher in these parts of the country compared to Glasgow and Edinburgh.

        So, I agree with you that the Greens need to look at a better range of policies with regard to public transport for all of Scotland, especially as it will have a major role to play in a repopulation of the Highlands and Islands and the Borders area.


      3. Yet his party rejected the new Forth road bridge, yes cars are bad but er Scotland so needed a new bridge bcs the old one was falling down & it’s a MAJOR arterial route for people, good sand services in Scotland…also Scot Greens ensured the OBFA was reversed rather than making changes to it, thereby helping to embolden the religious bigots in Scotland. Greens need to have a rethink about their own responsibility in how Scotland can be much more successful, equal and forward looking, than it has been for centuries under BritNat rule.

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  3. If the Greens have a strong commitment to Independence and a 2nd IndyRef in their manifesto for next years Election, then they will get my list vote.
    Vote SNP 1 – Green 2 to increase the Indy Majority and decimate the Unionist list MSPs.


    1. Alex Montrose
      The one sure fire way to avoid Unionist forces
      Dividing us and thereby at a stroke of negating their most useful tactic
      If SNP gain a overall majority on the main list
      Then Westminster is shackled firmly to fight
      On the battlefield of democracy
      And if the greens do very well on the list
      Very serious lasting damage inflicted upon the UNIONIST quislings thereby forcing them to cower in their corner and realise that in order to survive that they MUST break away from Westminster and set up as a completely Independent Scottish party
      Nothing like extinction to focus even the most ardent of loyalist minds


    2. In which case it’s a vote taken from the real indy party, & if SNP do not get a majority, say goodbye to indy and to SNP having made massive progress in repairing many decades & even centuries of Britnat damage to the people and country of Scotland.


        1. Tis only the actions or similar to that of Extinction Rebellion that is going to save the planet now
          Big Coporations have far too much say and control over these matters and what they espouse is Coital Bovine Scatology more designed to protect their short term profits and fool us all in the process
          As for ourselves do you think not using plastic straws are going to save the planet
          Such is very clever tactics deployed by the powerful and elite and making sure we do not take the real action urgently required
          Never forget that once ave.temps.go + 2% c
          Then it is closing time no matter what
          And we are perilously close to achieving such
          Even with covid effects of reducing carbon
          Currently we have only 34 months left to reduce our carbon as/ Paris agreement targets
          If we do not then game is almost over and only massive and sudden changes will bring us into line
          We are now at the stage that revolution is a must and not negotiable
          And probably the only answer as far as large multi national corporations and their puppets in governance
          Shall come out the Barrel of a gun
          Take your pick
          Carry on as business as usual
          They are few and we many
          They are paper tigers and shall run as soon as seriously challenged
          Either way no matter what
          Tis a fight to the death


  4. The Green voters should vote SNP is they support Independence. The SNP are green enough. Stop the red and blue getting in. Transport problems the Trams. Could have been done another way. A different not so obstructive scheme, Now down to Leith, once again. Still problematic in terms of funding. Subsidies.

    Interference in IndyRef 1 administration. Other senseless opposition. Just for the sake of it. Opposition against AWPR, airport expansion and Golf development. All reasonable proposition to improve the economy. Not for the greens it seems.

    Going against the public. Ignoring public opinion. To save the world. Scotland empty. Many sacrifices have been made. Anyone can buy a piece of land and put a hut on it. Scotland has a ‘right to roam’. They can roam anywhere, within reason, for a small layout. Not a grievance.

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  5. I’m not a fan of our Green Party in Scotland. Some of the spiteful choices they’ve made just to exercise some power makes me question their motives. I really don’t want to give them a vote.
    The big question for me is will we get a vote in May or will our Scottish Parliament be rendered powerless by Tory control?

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