Does the prof subconsciously think the ‘Japs’ were like bugs?

Writing exclusively for the Daily Mail yesterday, Prof Pennington:

When I saw the newsflash about the vaccine yesterday, I was immediately reminded of another – and admittedly very different – scientific achievement. The Manhattan Project in World War II led to the development of the atomic bomb. Now whatever your view of the destructive use of nuclear weapons – and tragically more than 200,000 people died at Nagasaki and Hiroshima – it is widely accepted that without their deployment that conflict would have continued.

I know he is a product of an earlier time when many believed that nuclear weapons had shortened the war and would guarantee the West’s defences against an apparently aggressive Soviet Union but, today in 2020? Really?

Is that what came to mind? He’s a bacteriologist, correctly described this time.

Were there no great breakthroughs in his world?

Fleming and antibiotics?

Lister and germ theory?

John Snow and epidemiology?

Blundell and blood transfusion?

Doll and the smoking-cancer link?

Murray and organ transplantation?

So, Hiroshima, eh? Not his own breakthrough with E coli in spam in Wishaw?

As for shortening the war, wrong, Japan was already defeated:

And the Soviet threat, much exaggerated:

Might I recommend a therapist?

10 thoughts on “Does the prof subconsciously think the ‘Japs’ were like bugs?

  1. He is first and foremost a Unionist. This is another sell on how wonderful Trident is and that Scotland needs it based in our main population area. Funny how the thread of Nuclear weapons runs through Unionist posts these days.
    The bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima was a very political act as his posts are.

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  2. Nuclear weapons of mass destruction (and death) become illegal on 22nd January 2021.
    They will join germ and chemical warfare, fragmentation bombs and land mines on that list. Many countries still manufacture, use and sell such weapons.
    Will the Big Five pay any attention to the Nuke ban? I would doubt it.
    The UK wont, and an independent Scotland can refuse them a base in this country, though renting out Faslane/Couport for a decade will be tempting.
    It is a matter of conscience—no sane person would contemplate using these weapons—but we can see in America a President who has/had no limits, though the Joint Chiefs might have had a say.

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  3. One those people who could make one very lazy. Taking a position, thought, or conclusion diametrically opposite to him and knowing with 100% certainty that you will be absolutely correct is just too tempting.
    Even Piers Morgan failed that test but here we have the perfect candidate.


  4. It is a revealing comparison that he is making.

    I suspect it is related to the fact that the nuclear submarine fleet is at Faslane and that an independent Scotland will seek to have these removed from the Clyde as part of a wider nuclear disarmament stance.

    Ergo, in Professor Poison’s mind – my enemy’s enemy is my friend and so, since Scotland is opposed to nuclear weapons he and the willy-wavers of the UK establishment are for nuclear weapons and the Manhattan Project came naturally to his mind.

    In the event of nuclear war, Wishaw would have been in ‘The Zone of Total Death’ as the Pentagon Papers described it. Since Professor Poison was in Aberdeen, he was in the Zone of 95% death and, as one of the chosen, he might well have survived in the nuclear shelters.

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  5. Attempting to justify the murder of hundreds of thousands of people, in a most horrific way, is verging on evil in my book. Scotland is not safe doe to having nuclear weapons forced onto their country as well as their mountains being used as WMD storage, it’s bloody horrendous and if that is not conformation of an occupied terriTORY I do not know what is.
    Now we have imbeciles telling us that nukes are good so you will not be getting rid of them anytime soon Scotland, see we are saving your people from er…

    The fact that Scotland rejects having these mass murder weapons on their soil and in their sea is completely ignored, and of course anyone who knows no better would be led to believe that Scotland is the criminal country, when in fact it is their neighbour who have imposed these terrible WMD’s onto Scotland.
    I spoke to at least one person who was a no voter in 2014, a member of CND and when I asked them about Trident they shrugged their shoulders. That was very disturbing indeed.
    Also when I do get emails from CND, the Scottish arm of the organisation they have never made it clear that Trident is forced onto Scotland as far as I can see. They do not make it clear just exactly who it is that condones and forces these WMD’s onto Scotland and that it is England’s choice of government who are the criminals.

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    1. Same as last time, the Russians are going to get you Scotland better stay in the union or be attacked! Same now with oil, refinery jobs in the balance. Oil is booming, it’s used to make the masses of plastic goods people are now using more of. Oil companies are making a mint! What next, huge power cuts? That’s what happened last time, oh and ATMs stopped giving out cash to old folks who were blocked from accessing their pensions for a few days…what next I wonder. Aliens, yes that’s it, UFO’s seen flying over Scotland, very soon! It’s exhausting.


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