Nazi Expert and SiU Member calls SNP control freaks!

Retired Professor of German History, Jill Stephenson (88), is a familiar figure on the letters pages of the Herald and the Scotsman, today she offers us this typically petty and ill-informed comment:

Fewer people in Scotland are in hospital, and fewer are in intensive care, compared with yesterday. The increase in the number of deaths is presumably among people who contracted the virus two, three or even four weeks ago. By far the highest number of new infections is in west and central Scotland. Out of 1,261 new cases, 145 were in NHS Lothian. Yet the Lothians are subject to the same restrictions as west and central Scotland. Further, hospitality venues remain, for the most part, closed. I have yet to see evidence that restaurants, where proprietors made a huge effort to render their premises Covid-safe earlier in the year, are responsible for the transmission of the virus. This is beginning to look as if one part of Scotland, where the heartland of SNP support is, is dictating to the rest of us in the central belt. More and more people are concluding that this is unreasonable – and that being prohibited from having a glass of wine with lunch is yet more evidence of a control freak tendency in the Scottish Government.

For a member of the more vulnerable age group, she’s in a hurry to get back out on the town. She’s right that hospital admissions have been falling for a week or so but to expect any government to be so incautious as to change an area’s level at such speed is unreasonable. Does she have some evidence, from her studies, of the advantages of Nazi health strategies?

As for being unfair to the Lothians, her own patch, again it’s true that not all parts of the Central Belt group have the same infection levels. Ayrshire & Arran too has a lower level than Glasgow or Lanarkshire. It seems likely that as infection levels there seem stubbornly stuck, that they and not Lothians or Ayrshire & Arran will move to level 4. So that’ll be fair to Lothians.

Evidence that restaurants are responsible is unknown to the prof but well known to others:

Restaurants and gyms were spring ‘superspreader’ sites. Occupancy limits could control Covid, new study predicts.

Restaurants and gyms were spring ‘superspreader’ sites. Occupancy limits could control Covid, new study predicts

Finally, control freaks? I suppose when you’ve spent so long studying Nazis, you see totalitarian tendencies everywhere you look. I see an uniquely open, transparent and democratic government trying its best to save lives.

They’re by no means perfect but hey, take a look around.


Stevenson did not sneak by the guards onto the Herald‘s letters page. She is well known to them and with her letters, cynically welcomed as a commercial bonus, she is ushered in respectfully.

Stevenson’s notoriety helps too. Not only is she a member of the anti-democratic group, Scotland in Union, her name is known as the snooty ‘top’ academic who in 2015 called MP Mhairi Black ‘a foul-mouthed slut‘, based on the latter’s accent.

“If electors vote for a foul-mouthed slut like M Black, it says a lot about them and none of it is good.”

A wee Twitter storm developed, ending up with the good professor herself tweeting foul-mouthed that she didn’t “give a flying fuck” and a respondent suggesting that as Unionist she supported paedophiles!

Professor Stephenson’s [former?] expertise is Nazi Germany. She has written on ‘German Christians in the Thuringian Protestant Church (1927-1945)’ and Hitler’s priests, Catholic clergy and National Socialism?’

Stephenson is also a member of a covert letter-writing group with the pretty undemocratic aim to deceive journalists and members of the public and tilt them away from support for the SNP or for independence.

The known membership, including the prof:

Members of Scotland in Union‘s 30-strong, undercover letter-writing group [Geheimnis Schreiben Gruppe or GSG] which ‘must not be advertised’ [above] are popping up regularly in the Scottish media, unchecked and unchallenged, to spread fake news.

Legal or not, this is anti-democratic.

Remember this when you see Stephenson’s name next time.

10 thoughts on “Nazi Expert and SiU Member calls SNP control freaks!

  1. So they’ve stolen my initials – [Geheimnis Schreiben Gruppe or GSG].

    How very dare they!!

    Seriously, she needs to get a life, preferably outside Scotland.


      1. Very late in the day to make a difference but here:

        “Stevenson did not sneak by the guards onto the Herald‘s letters page. She is well known to them and with her letters, cynically welcomed as a commercial bonus, she is ushered in respectfully.

        Stevenson’s notoriety helps too…”

        Are there two…?


  2. Ah, Jill (ve haf vays ov making you tick) Stephenson, octogenarian member of a secret society of scriveners, dedicated to anonymous scribblings to the press preserving the rights of posh Etonians and their pet media to bombard the Scottish electorate with propaganda, is concerned over “control freaks”…
    You really couldn’t make this up…….

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  3. Support for SNP/Independence rising. The unionist parties are making people sick. People should keep to statistics not fables. Most octogenarians would be in favour of keeping people safe. They do not want to get Covid. Or write letters about breaching guideline or rules. Put in place to keep people safe.


  4. What does she and her cabal want, folks adorned with ancient war mongering garb, re-enactment swords and shields etc, rampaging into the next constituency to demand the pubs close,I mean open, because we can’t all have restrictions just because you’s are SNP and we are, oh well, I don’t really know but we don’t have so many infections hah! Is it because they are unionists? Let’s divide folk, unionist voting areas low, SNP areas high, hmm, I wonder who would have enjoyed playing that game card in the 1930’s!
    I think Scotland has put the shielding to good use, shield yourselves from these idiot BritNats, attempting to sow seeds of doubt, even telling people their next door neighbours who are SNP have more cases so why should we have to abide by their rules huh? pah! Not fair!
    Many have not made it to age 88, because of Covid19, does Jill even care? Of course not, not one jot.


  5. Where was she a professor? Those titled ‘Professor’ are subject to the same distorted thoughts as anyone else, but they are better able to mislead themselves and sadly many others due to the title.
    In Scotland, if you wish, you can call yourself professor quite legally.


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