Leftist Party goes for the leftist party replacing it and ignores corporate greed again

You’ll remember the Scottish Labour leader bobbing with self-righteous indignation at the SNP abusing students human rights by making them stay together for 14 days and make an early start to those essays. To be fair they did have to eat the sort-of healthy food packs provided free when their stomachs require a strict diet of crisps , chocolate bars and alcohol.

Anyhow, though he did mention the universities managers, he seems only to have written to the Scottish Human Rights Commission about the alleged unfairness of the Scottish Government’s attempts to clean up the mess after freshers week boozing and sha………..mbolic arrangements in the halls.

However, as with the care homes deaths saga, the ‘owners‘ are clearly to blame. Three days ago, the times had the ‘dirt‘:

Time to give up Richard.

10 thoughts on “Leftist Party goes for the leftist party replacing it and ignores corporate greed again

  1. John, stop being such a spoil-sport. Rheinhard Leotard is there to be the parliamentary jester, to give us all a laugh at his antics.

    He’s not very goodk, but, he’s doing his best – give the lad a break.

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  2. I think the FM is really patient. You just *know* he’s going to mention Care Homes and/or Human Rights again in that Terribly Caring Tone he adopts. Every time he does, I just want to throw something at him.

    Hm… Time to dig out the polystyrene brick methinks. (Present from offspring, bought for just such occasions! 😀 )

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  3. Re.Leonard and for him just to give up
    No no no never
    Because we shall floor him at Holyrood May 21
    Call it a knockout or forced retirement or throwing the towel in
    The Dustbin of History awaits the dumping of him into it with a THUD


  4. Mr, ‘take scoddish warrtterr back inta bublic ans’ Leotard, must dread FMQ’s. He has to read out what he is told to spout, and every time he looks more daft and insincere, still he takes a massive wage form the public purse to talk cr*p.
    Human rights eh, just wait Leotard, all those students will have NO human rights after Brexit, and certainly no workers rights once they finish their studies, if they can find work, but then there’s always the army failing that, or the workhouse.
    On top of that, they will not be going anywhere, in all senses of the word because they have just had their ‘right’ to live and work in all the rEU countries (with all the human rights rights that would have been bestowed on them) completely removed and you know who did that, aye the Tories, (helped by the red Tories!) not the SNP!
    How dare he talk about human rights, his Brexit pals are taking us all down a very dark path indeed, where the EngGov can lock people up and throw away the key just for disagreeing with them. Is Dick Leotard going to protest about that? No because he and his family will be off into the sunset somewhere, perhaps where there might even be ‘human rights’ in place. Lying scheming pretendy lefty trougher.
    Taking no prisoners today, Labour are a disgrace. HQ’d in London, a dangerous enemy to the people of Scotland, hell mend ’em.

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  5. O/T slightly – Was struck after watching this C4 report not only of the chaos continuing to be inflicted in England by Covid but the empathy in reporting.
    Perpetually annoying UK/British/England conflation aside, compare and contrast the reporting in England with the bile and nonsense spewed 24/7 by Scotland’s media and the anti-SNP choir.
    Whether it has been Care-Homes, Universities, Schools, Borders, NHS, PPE, and lately a programmer’s error which ultimately doesn’t matter a damn, etc., not an ounce of empathy other than the obligatory BAFTA version before getting back to savaging the Scottish Government because that’s all that matters.
    I winced at crowd behaviour after the Scotland footie win, but with the 24 hour doom and gloom which has been their every day for the last 9 months, I couldn’t frankly condemn them for that rare piece of joy.

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  6. To think he gave up a career in Round the Horne and Carry on films. Pity his script writer is stuck in the 50s/60s, and he has given up his stage name.
    I’m waiting for him to tell Nicla to “stop messin’ about”.

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  7. Teenagers isolating in their rooms getting food sent in. Quite a common occurrence. For a week no problem. Or losing funds partying. Fines. Quite a common occurrence. Skint all the time.

    Getting bailed out to stay safe. Help available along the way. Nothing coming over them. A few extra computer games. Fun and games. Authorities breaking up the party. To keep people safe.


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