FACT CHECK: Settling the Scottish Contact tracing farago


Fact 1: In May, SAGE called for 80% of positive cases contacted within 48hours: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/888807/S0402_Thirty-second_SAGE_meeting_on_Covid-19_.pdf

There is no 24 hour target.

Fact 2: The Sun’s Chris Musson claimed that: Corrected data shows that in five of eight weeks in September and October, Test and Protect staff failed to contact about half of positive cases within 24 hours of  being notified of swab results but he was wrong to use the 24 hour ‘target’ as no such target has ever been agreed.

Fact 3: In the weeks Musson chose, the percentage contacted within 48 hours was:

Week ending: %

6 Sept: 81.7%

13 : 86.8%

20: 90%

27: 74%

4 Oct: 79.7%

11: 83.5%

18: 91%

25: 86.7%

Fact 4: Even if we accepted the 24 hour ‘target’, Musson was wrong as only in 2 weeks, 27 Sep and 4 Oct, did Test and Protect staff fail to contact 50% or more in 24 hours.


7 thoughts on “FACT CHECK: Settling the Scottish Contact tracing farago

  1. The media in Scotland are desperate to show that Scotland’s Test and Trace system is just as bad as England’s.
    All part of the one nation false narrative.

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  2. BBC Radio Scotland just after 8.30 am, Giesler interviewed Sir John Curtice they claimed Scotland having to go into Lock
    Down had caused a reduction from 79% to 68% in Scots aporoval of the FM’s handling of the Pandemic. Giesler put it to Curtice that supoort for Indy was linked to the FM’s handling of the Pandemic.

    Surprisingly neither linked Brexit with support for Independence.
    (It was never mentioned) . . . Is that because they can’t alter that, but the pandemic, well is that another matter?

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    1. To be fair, Professor Curtice did mention Brexit and the shift amongst Remainers to Yes.

      Re Martin Geisler, I think his occasional appearances on GMS have improved the quality of interviewing and objectivity.

      He, Gary Robertson and Laura McKeever are more professional than the previous teams – and some of the other regulars – and actually challenge Tories. Labour rarely merits a mention on the programme, which is understandable considering how vacuous Labour in Scotland has become.

      Reporting Scotland is still solidly British Nationalist, in addition to becoming the advertisers for the Scottish drinks industry and a loudspeaker to broadcast that selfish group’s selfish interests.


      1. Alisdair . . . If I’ve misreported prof Sir JC I apoologise. But I’ve no recollection of either of them mentioning Brexit. ( and more reliably neither does my better half)


  3. Ah the the infamous ‘Musson tell the truth’ with his perpetual “you’ve failed” attempts at SG Covid Updates, a constant source of joy for all and line feeder for ‘the Mooth’ and ‘Leotard’ to pontificate at length over the insignificant.
    Meanwhile T&T excel at what they do and a programmer is nursing embarrassment at the simplest of errors.
    It’s simply the latest trend on the tiresome SG bashing sow, with more than a degree of distraction to what is going on not a hundred miles away…

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  4. Despite that link to gov.uk, there seems to be confusion over whether SAGE says the 80% target is supposed to be reached within 48 or 72 hours.

    According to the FT – “At least 80 per cent of the close contacts of anyone infected with Covid-19 must be traced and isolated within 72 hours for the system to be effective, according to the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies.”

    I think the WHO also says 72 hours, as does Nicola Sturgeon, but I can’t find a direct quote from WHO. John Swinney is quoted in the Herald as saying – ““But I think what is important is that we focus on the fact that the World Health Organisation states that at least 80% of new cases must have their close contacts traced and in quarantine within 72 hours of case confirmation.”

    In the typical (unionist) media article about the UK’s performance, Matt Hancock is often quoted as saying we are close to achieving the 80% target – without qualifying that with a time period – so he’s let off the hook on the timescale and certainly not accused in the way Nicola Sturgeon is by the Scottish (unionist) media.

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