Another Scotland in Union secret propaganda group member appears on Kaye Adams to claim death level same in Scotland as in England!

Members of Scotland in Union‘s 30-strong, undercover letter-writing group [Geheimnis Schreiben Gruppe or GSG] which ‘must not be advertised’ [above] are popping up regularly in the Scottish media, unchecked and unchallenged, to spread fake news.

Recently we’ve had Phil Tate, Ian Murray’s election agent, posing as an honest citizen in the Herald and, again in the Herald yesterday, another member, listed as plain ‘Gill Stephenson of Edinburgh‘, the member and retired Professor and expert on Nazi Germany, misrepresenting the nationwide base for taxation revenue then returned to the devolved areas as furlough funds.

Legal or not, this is anti-democratic.

Now, today on Mornings with Kaye Adams, from another Scotland in Union GSG member, Allan Sutherland, we hear him suggest that Nicola Sturgeon is preventing testing at airports ‘because she’s getting headlines‘ and then astonishingly:

Spain and the UK and Spain are pretty much neck and neck with deaths per hundred thousand and that includes Scotland. Scotland’s numbers against England and the rest of the UK other than Ireland are the same. So I don’t think we’re being given the right information.

Adams does contradict him briefly but she does not give the accurate figures.

He persists and so has been able to cast doubt on the official figures without his membership of an activist group being revealed.

The First Minister has been using a 5 to 1 ratio for current infection levels but as it falls further in Scotland and holds or climbs again in England, the ratio is pushing toward 30 to 1! As for the death rate, which Sutherland, confused, uses as a measure of current risk, the level in England is now 15 times higher.

Sutherland is a regular on letter pages attacking any SNP actions at that time.

His membership of this secret, partisan propaganda group is never revealed.

20 thoughts on “Another Scotland in Union secret propaganda group member appears on Kaye Adams to claim death level same in Scotland as in England!”

  1. Except here…. 🤣 and as shared everywhere beyond ABC…
    Cue “Nobody expects the Scottish Inquisition” starring Ian Murray reprising the work of a more convincing idiot..


  2. I wonder if SIU will be able to find a role for George Galloway . He’s just the sort of ranter they might welcome back now that he’s declared an interest in coming back to Scotland . You have to admire his indefatigueability , undeterred by a lack of followers up here , he plods on his weary course regardless.


  3. Pedantic question: does the GSG refer to itself as ‘Geheimnis Schreiben Gruppe’ or is that a Tusker invention? Reason for asking is that ‘Geheimnis’ is the German noun meaning ‘secret’ whereas ‘geheime’ is the German adjective, so ‘Geheimnis Schreiben Gruppe’ means ‘a group which writes about secrets’, while ‘geheime Schreiben Gruppe’ means ‘a secret writing group’ The perils of using internet translation sites!

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    1. I’ll get pedantic with myself now! Schreiben Gruppe should be written as a compound noun like this: Schreibengruppe, but the acronym would still be GSG, so you were right all along, at least with the acronym!

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  4. John please lodge a formal complaint with
    ABC ( BBC)
    and relevant watchdogs/regulator
    On the grounds of allowing blatant lies and distortion of the facts without correction
    They must be forced to correct the record
    And on the following grounds Quote.
    Deaths /100k of population are pretty much neck and with England and Scotland
    So here is UK.Gov.figs as of today
    For deaths /100k of population
    Scotland 2490 no.which is 44.86/100k
    England 40018 no.which is 72.14/100k
    Such is 60.9% HIGHER for England
    And in NO WAY EVER can such be classified as Neck and Neck
    In fact only 7 days ago the divergence was 57 % and such grows daily and will continue to do so without doubt as in 7 days alone Scotland has gained 41 infections and only 4 deaths
    But England 3803 infections and 502 deaths
    So his statement holds no water whatsoever nor can possibly withstand any scrutiny
    Further more in the last 4 days a very marked difference in all info from ABC
    has subtlety changed modus operandi but in a most
    Significant manner in that eg
    Today on their online news forum they had a expat owner in Benidorm say Spain travel ban is destroying everything
    Well here are the facts from Spain where i have a 2nd home as a holiday let in Costa Blanca with a local letting agent and here what is he told me today
    He has 300 hol.let properties on his books
    Brian do not believe all that piss from the ABC and the UK Papers
    I assure you that for July to mid Sept
    My records show that 92% of all my boomostm are from Spaniards from Madrid and inland cities who holiday in the Costas.and for July alone i have every single booking cancelled 33 alone yesterday This place is dead and very very little tourist activity and it is the Spaniards themselves who are frightened
    To come
    This year has no chance of any recovery whatsoever
    All this demonstrates that from on high the ABC has been instructed to take the gloves off and just as they did so 2 weeks prior Indy ref 2014 when the polls showed a YES majority
    They are now on a full war footing
    Know thy Foe
    Call them out John and report them
    This is blatant propaganda and a complete false representation of the TRUTH


    1. “So here is UK.Gov.figs as of today
      For deaths /100k of population
      Scotland 2490 no.which is 44.86/100k
      England 40018 no.which is 72.14/100k
      Such is 60.9% HIGHER for England
      And in NO WAY EVER can such be classified as Neck and Neck”

      Well, there’s no HONEST way. If, OTOH, you take the following figures (which most people won’t realise aren’t calculated/reported on an identical basis) you get:

      England – 40018 deaths (of those in hospital with a confirmed positive test)
      Scotland – 4173 deaths (of confirmed AND SUSPECTED) in all settings

      Bet that’s what they’ve done. Either very sloppy or very deliberate…


      1. With due respect you afford our Foe the benefit of the doubt
        I would. Never do so
        Know thy Foe
        They will fight to the bitter end and such end will be our INDEPENDENCE
        Although not a military matter but one that is democratic battle
        We must have a military frame of mind
        And care not how many battles we lose
        Because it is the last battle that we must and shall win
        And withregards the opponent let them know
        That we serve notice that their is no conditional surrender from us at any time


      2. “With due respect you afford our Foe the benefit of the doubt”

        I confess, premier, that my family consider that to be one of my greatest strengths and weaknesses – perhaps the greatest weakness. It can certainly cause me a deal of grief!

        In this instance, however, that wasn’t what I was trying to do. I was trying to recognise this as a tactic used a lot. Like talking about UK figures when they mean English only. Or, as in this case, hospital cases v every case, every location.

        I think it was Prof Robertson who wrote about the difference between always believing YES and coming to that belief. I’m one of the latter. (Though, when I was about 13, I did cause my History teacher to look at me as though I’d grown an extra head when he was telling us about the Jacobite Uprisings by saying “Well, they did have a point, didn’t they?” I had to explain what I meant…)

        Speaking as a ‘convert’, however true, straight out telling someone an organisation they’ve grown up respecting is lying through its back teeth is hard to accept. Pointing out inaccuracies/weasel words, however, is one way of convincing those who have never thought about things like leaving the UK or who are wavering. It did me. BUT YOU’VE GOT TO THINK “HANG ON A MINUTE…” YOURSELF. (My enlightenment started when the Met kettled students on that bridge in London. There were pictures from a helicopter and everything. My daughter said “They’ve forgotten most of us a smartphone these days. People there are watching the news and saying ‘No we’re not. We’re milling about because the police keep telling us we can get out at the other side of the bridge!'” The kettling stopped very shortly after. )

        I’ve watched the news with that in mind ever since, but most people still aren’t looking for it.

        I think you’re right that, even though not a military campaign, it has to be run in a military fashion. But more allies and fewer in opposition is better in any battle, surely? Words are a powerful weapon. That’s why propaganda works. That’s why these letters are being written. They raise the passions, they stop you thinking. Maybe it’s time YES started a written campaign of its own? Not as an outright fight – and certainly not to mislead – but to inform. Let the people decide on facts, make them think.

        In England the Jacobite Uprisings are Rebellions.

        Independence is something that can cause those brought up to believe the Union is entirely a good thing bridle. How many NO voting Scots would argue with self-determination, being asked for your opinion on what should happen to you?

        Sorry, I’ve blethered on again…


      3. Your views and opinions are respected
        But i also share the view that the doubters need to be gently persuaded
        To come on side and never to shout them down
        With this group our ears are our best friends
        And if used aggressively in the wrong manner then our mouths are our worst enemy
        But i was brought up to Never let a LIE stand
        Confront it eye ball to eye ball
        State the Truth
        Then never ever blink and by such it is the liar who MUST either avert your gaze
        Or accept they stand corrected
        Stand your Ground but always if corrected yourself accept and apologise
        But when all the forces against us in conjuction with fighting dirty
        Never shall i hold my tongue and shall without doubt call them out for what they are and as they present themselves
        And no quarter given by me at any time
        I Know Thy Foes

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  5. Coinneach, shouldn’t it be written Schreibgruppe (“Schreiben” dropping the “en” in a compound)? Sorry, my wife’s German!


  6. Well there we have it. It’s a definitive statement of fact broadcast with absolute certainty. ITV News at c. 22.20 hours on 9th July tells its UK audience that Scotland has had one of the worst records IN THE WORLD in its handling of Covid-19. I wonder – were the comparator countries being used – but not named – by the journalist independent nation-states with complete control?

    The interviewer directly asks the FM to apologise for (strongly implied) unnecessary deaths in care homes.

    No UK context, no UK perspective for its UK-WIDE audience. ITV ‘protecting’ its audience from any unfavourable comparisons with England.

    There is something really quite unseemly about ‘smart ass’ journalists seeking to get a scoop during an interview with a political leader who has genuinely, sincerely been working night and day in the public interest for months.

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  8. As of 30 July Scotland National Records Scotland reported 4201 deaths with Covid registered on the death certificate (which is how ONS counts English deaths) . That is 77 per 100k people
    The Engkand number is 46k deaths, 73 per 100k people.
    I also note that we are thisd highest in Europe in the real test, ie excess deaths behind 3ngka d and Spain.


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