Members of Scotland in Union‘s 30-strong, undercover letter-writing group [Geheimnis Schreiben Gruppe or GSG] which ‘must not be advertised’ [above] are popping up regularly in the Scottish media, unchecked and unchallenged, to spread fake news.

Recently we’ve had Phil Tate, Ian Murray’s election agent, posing as an honest citizen in the Herald and, again in the Herald yesterday, another member, listed as plain ‘Gill Stephenson of Edinburgh‘, the member and retired Professor and expert on Nazi Germany, misrepresenting the nationwide base for taxation revenue then returned to the devolved areas as furlough funds.

Legal or not, this is anti-democratic.

Now, today on Mornings with Kaye Adams, from another Scotland in Union GSG member, Allan Sutherland, we hear him suggest that Nicola Sturgeon is preventing testing at airports ‘because she’s getting headlines‘ and then astonishingly:

Spain and the UK and Spain are pretty much neck and neck with deaths per hundred thousand and that includes Scotland. Scotland’s numbers against England and the rest of the UK other than Ireland are the same. So I don’t think we’re being given the right information.

Adams does contradict him briefly but she does not give the accurate figures.

He persists and so has been able to cast doubt on the official figures without his membership of an activist group being revealed.

The First Minister has been using a 5 to 1 ratio for current infection levels but as it falls further in Scotland and holds or climbs again in England, the ratio is pushing toward 30 to 1! As for the death rate, which Sutherland, confused, uses as a measure of current risk, the level in England is now 15 times higher.

Sutherland is a regular on letter pages attacking any SNP actions at that time.

His membership of this secret, partisan propaganda group is never revealed.