As the infection rate yesterday in England soared to 28 times higher per head of population than in Scotland, pray* for our neighbours

English as opposed to UK data are not always easy to find but @UKCovidStats does show it. It seems like there is a reluctance to expose them and you can see why.

England has just over 10 times the population of Scotland, so all things being equal, they should have had around 20 new infections yesterday but they had 572! So, the population-adjusted infection rate, yesterday, was 28 times higher. OMG.

The Scottish Government is still using the 5 to 1 figure from last week based on 7 day averages. The above are just one-day figures but I doubt things are going to get any better for England.

On this basis, they should have had 10 new deaths yesterday but they had 152! So, the population-adjusted death rate, yesterday, was 15 times higher. OMG again.

This is horrific. The Johnson regime and its pet advisers on SAGE are to blame for this atrocity. I have friends and relatives there. I am not triumphant. I’m heartbroken and angry as hell for them.

The English data are also available for confirmation at this government site:

*Atheist prayers are as good as any others I’d say.

23 thoughts on “As the infection rate yesterday in England soared to 28 times higher per head of population than in Scotland, pray* for our neighbours”

  1. Unfortunately as the impact of the Johnson/Cummings premature release from lockdown takes effect,these figures are going to get much worse.
    Truly disgraceful.

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    1. I must thank you for use of
      ABC in place of BBC
      And i cordially issue a plea once more for all who partake of this forum
      Note ABC stands for
      Absurdistan Broadcasting Coporation
      One can but hope that such nomenclature
      Becomes the norm amongst us all here and then filters out into the Unionist camp and our society in general
      Thereby it can and truly live up to its reputation in a name that is most befitting
      For it

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    2. The numbers were mentioned on the 6 o’clock news which is about the only place they are mentioned. Little context of course such as numbers for Wales, NI and Scotland. Just lumped together as UK.

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      1. Yep my brother in Australia messaged to say he’d seen in the ‘news’ that people in the ‘UK were acting as if there is no pandemic and going on as normal’. I am constantly having to tell friends and family outwith Scotland the real situation, that the UK means England in the ‘news’, maddening indeed.


  2. On topic.
    As usual the media are covering for the Westminster lot, giving out “UK” stats.
    Given what has been happening on beaches, street parties and now in pubs, things down south, can only go south. People sometimes need protected from their own worst instincts.

    Talking of “worst instincts” the “Scottish” media absolutely stink. They are DESPERATE for Scotland to go down the same path as England.
    DESPERATE and pathetic.

    When we have Indyref2, it will be imperative for an outside body to oversee and regulate the media. Their bias is a constitutional and democratic disgrace.

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  3. Vlad the Impaler was responsible for the deaths of around 80,000 people plus had another 20,000 impaled.

    I wonder what the figure will be for Bladis the Impaler eventually…….

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  4. I listen to BBC Radio 4 at to put me to sleep at night and sometimes catch the midnight news, crazy to hear them read out “UK” daily death figures when England is accounting for at least 95% of them.

    Like the old Andy Murray adage… when we have low death stats thats a victory for the UK. Well I think all readers know what would be happening if the trend was switched between Eng and Sco.

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    1. I’m afraid even C4 News this evening was doing the same – just UK totals for the epidemic.

      We can be certain how different the reporting would be if the numbers for Scotland were the worst!

      Just can’t permit the Scottish Government and its agencies to be shown, relatively, in a positive light. Can’t risk the population of Scotland growing in national confidence and esteem.

      Must maintain the narrative that England-as- UK is world leading at … well at everything of course!

      How did we get to this: ALL these journalists and news editors can’t really be part of a deliberate, explicit conspiracy – that would be very scary. So how does the ‘brainwashing’ work to make this kind of reporting second nature for so many?

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      1. Do you for a moment believe that the various news channels are completely
        Independent of each other
        The ABC (BBC) Are 1 of the most sophisticated state proganda tools on the planet
        CH 4 is technically state owned
        Quite simply their is a basic central command and control behind the scenes structure run by invisible men
        Who subtly issue as to what the basic format of the news bulletins should appear along with implicit signals as WHAT NOT TO SAY
        Your have to be utterly naive if you believe otherwise
        This is No Accident
        Know Thy Foes
        Whislt in their smiles at daily broadcasts
        I only see forked tongues
        And well I know the manner inwhich they wag
        This is not fantasy
        Tis reality


      2. The journos are just the messengers…thy don’t write the ‘news’…and they are paid for it.
        Upton Sinclair, ‘it is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it’.


      3. “All these journalists and news editors can’t really be part of a deliberate, explicit conspiracy”

        Don’t see the Empire leaving it’s line of defence souly to the chance of “seminconscous self censorship, or doing what seems natural” (which definitely happens ) this doesn’t account for the uniform message pumped out accross all media. simultaneously. This takes central direction. As described by Premieroneuk.
        Getting the right people in place delivers the “semiconscous self censorship and doing what seems natural ” . Central control delivers the Empire’s message to the “right peoples “mouths and keyboards.


  5. Where can we get the true figure for covid deaths in england
    Its calculated differently in scotland and england
    The financial times were keeping a running total for a while but i dont know if they still are

    I remember reading that in scotland if a doctor suspects a person died because of covid 19 complications e.g. it wasnt the covid bug that killed them but was a deterioration in something else that killed them it would still be recorded ass a covid death if they tested positive for covid

    Whereas in england only deaths directly as a result of covid are being recorded ass covid deaths

    The official westminster uk gov figure for england is about 40 thousand

    But the financial times showed that the true civid death figure for england wass over 60 thousand a month ago


    1. I don’t know about England but I’m Scotland you have a section on main cause of death and a separate part on contributing factors.

      So in theory, if someone was in hospital for COVID but while there they had a fatal heart attack, that would be the main reason, and COVID as a contributing factor (along with any others)


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