English as opposed to UK data are not always easy to find but @UKCovidStats does show it. It seems like there is a reluctance to expose them and you can see why.

England has just over 10 times the population of Scotland, so all things being equal, they should have had around 20 new infections yesterday but they had 572! So, the population-adjusted infection rate, yesterday, was 28 times higher. OMG.

The Scottish Government is still using the 5 to 1 figure from last week based on 7 day averages. The above are just one-day figures but I doubt things are going to get any better for England.

On this basis, they should have had 10 new deaths yesterday but they had 152! So, the population-adjusted death rate, yesterday, was 15 times higher. OMG again.

This is horrific. The Johnson regime and its pet advisers on SAGE are to blame for this atrocity. I have friends and relatives there. I am not triumphant. I’m heartbroken and angry as hell for them.

The English data are also available for confirmation at this government site:

*Atheist prayers are as good as any others I’d say.