Good News for the Yes Campaign: Dastardly English professor ...

Only two weeks after we exposed Ian Murray’s campaign agent and member of Scotland in Union, Phil Tate, posing as an honest citizen in the Herald‘s letters page, another one pops up.

In the Herald yesterday as plain Gill Stephenson of Edinburgh, the retired Professor, expert on Nazi Germany, and member of the Scotland in Union, 30-strong, undercover letter-writing group [Geheimnis Schreiben Gruppe or GSG], was allowed to assert:

This is all treated as being in a vacuum. When people realise that their jobs and livelihoods have been protected by money from the UK Treasury – money Ms Sturgeon speaks of spending, but is not generated by her – they will conclude that, however good a game she talks, following her down the road to separatism would indeed doom us all.

The obvious objection that all the money that ever comes to Scotland is a partial return of that taken in taxation from it, is not the real point here. In the email below, you can see that the group of 30, including Sir Hugh Pennington, has written over 5 000 letters to journalists since 2015, pretending to be honest concerned citizens, with a view to enabling ‘pro-Union / anti-SNP articles.’

To be effective, of course, the members are asked not to ‘advertise the existence of the group.’

the GSG

Here’s Stephenson’s Express letter on 22nd June 2020:

Legal or not, this is anti-democratic. Professor Stephenson is an expert on Nazi Germany so I guess it fits.

In addition to membership of this covert propaganda group, Professor Stephenson has a track record which might cause a letters editor to refuse submissions:

A wee Twitter storm developed after the above, ending up with the good professor herself tweeting that she didn’t “give a flying fuck” and a respondent suggesting that as a Unionist she supported paedophiles!

The previous case: