One-man Unionist letter-writing team in Herald to lie about Sturgeon and support for independence

Douglas Cowe

Under [Professor] Gill Stephenson [GSG] in the Herald letters section yesterday, hopefully not giving one of her famous ‘flying fucks’ at the time, Aberdeenshire-based, Douglas Cowe, reservations co-ordinator for Town and Country Apartments, makes wee snidey comments about the First Minister and suggests:

With recent polls at 54% for Yes, up 20% from 45%, in 2014, it’s hard to see that as ‘small’. As for being poorer after independence and being able to stay in the EU, you know the answer to that one.

Cowe isn’t mentioned in the GSG email [see the previous piece on Prof Stephenson] but seems like an obvious recruit given his level of productivity and clear belief in the same rubbish.

Cowe is everywhere. I lost interest in counting his letters published nationally and locally over the years and all decrying independence or the SNP or the First Minister, and all based on risible evidence.

Here are some of his ‘best’ in 2020:

Courier 29 June 2020
Scotsman 16 June 2020
Courier 13 May 2020
Scotsman 4 May 2020

13 thoughts on “One-man Unionist letter-writing team in Herald to lie about Sturgeon and support for independence”

  1. On behalf of Gill Stephenson
    I hereby nominate
    Herr Douglas Cowe for award of a 1st class Iron Cross with Oak leaves
    For services rendered above and beyond the call of duty for services to the Reich
    Of The Precious Union
    P.S.Boris does give a flying fuck

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  2. He certainly seems to hold a very high opinion of his own self importance.

    ‘Real austerity’ as opposed to just, austerity. I wonder what the difference is. Austerity is austerity is austerity and it has been wrought on the people of the UK for decades by the fat cat Tories, ruining lives, endung lives in some cases! The people of Scotland want and deserve a lot better than that for their country Mr. Cowe!

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  3. John, your 2nd para, “With recent polls at 54% for Yes, up 20% from 45%, in 2014” – Eh ?
    Never let it be said you’ve been Cowe’d in exposing this nasty bunch of secretive scribblers…

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  4. I can only assume that all those people that think the money doled out by the UK Treasury is like a ‘gift’ don’t actually ever contribute to the uk treasury. Taxes anyone?

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    1. With regards of the use of the word
      May I suggest you have miss spelt such word
      And should it not be
      And to take the hell out of here upon our Independence
      Their is no redemption or repentance
      Afforded to these people now
      Know thy foe and let them know such
      Considered and informed comments and debate is and shall always be made most welcome in matters of the utmost gravity
      But not those of a nefarious and Quasi nature
      Off with the lot of you who speak ill of us
      Without due cause


  5. Anybody that uses the word cancer to describe groups of people is an arsehole of the highest order.

    A cancer patient (in remission)

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  6. ‘Nothing has changed from 2014’.
    I struggle to think of a world where this makes sense:
    In the strict buddhist sense, but i would maintain that would be only half a truth.
    Quantum physics, don’t think so; surely the opposite.

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  7. Plenty family in Aberdeen (city) from my dad’s side. They would tell us when we were there on holiday (1960’s) to stay clear of Newmacher as they eat their young. Pretty sure they actually don’t but it scared us kids.


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