By Sam

When the corona virus came to the UK the government was moved to action.

A new, dedicated unit has been set up to focus on securing supplies of PPE, while ensuring that specifications match clinical need, supply chains are secure, fraud is mitigated and the best value for money is achieved in a high demand market.”

This is one result of that effort.

On 1 April an order for £10m was placed with Medco Solutions Ltd, a London-based company that apparently only incorporated on 26 March, three days after lockdown, with a share capital of just £2.”

Many other deals have been found involving small companies, most with limited assets according to Company House, some without any employees. There is no competition, no tendering and no advertising for contracts. It seems that many small companies, confectioner, a pest control company and others with no experience of producing PPE have contacted the UK government and have been awarded contracts. Many companies with PPE contracts and no manufacturing ability are likely to look to China for production. Much of China’s manufacturing has ethical production standards but not all. There will probably be some UK companies that seek the cheapest option.There cannot be any control of the standards of production or value for money in much of what goes on in the system. Crowdfunding is enabling a possible means of looking more closely at what is happening. Here are some links that will provide more information.

We are already pursuing a Government over the £108m PPE contracts it said it entered into with a chocolatier and a supplier of pigeon netting. I know there’s only so much of this weirdness you can take but here are two more. First Aventis Solutions Limited.”

Design company Luxe Lifestyle Ltd was awarded a £25 million contract on 27 April to supply garments for biological or chemical protection to the NHS. According to Companies House, the business was incorporated by fashion designer Karen Brost in November 2018. However, it appears to have no employees, no assets and no turnover.”

The department of health and social care today declined to reveal details of the contract or tendering process, or whether a government adviser on Ayanda’s board had any role in securing the deal.”

The British government’s health ministry says it has no record whatsoever of its shambolic attempt to import life-saving personal protective equipment (PPE) for health workers from Turkey at the height of the coronavirus crisis.”

Ministers are facing a high court legal challenge after they refused to order an urgent investigation into the shortages of personal protective equipment faced by NHS staff during the pandemic.