Two days before his appearance today fibbing frothily with Kaye Adams, Allan Sutherland was in the Herald with an astonishing, inaccurate and apparently deranged rant, of the kind you might expect in a pub but not even in a tabloid’s letters page. Read it [ above]. It’s frankly amazing. No self-respecting editor would publish such a thing.

But, then, right alongside is a letter from another member of the group, David Bone, with what looks like co-ordinated comments on jacuzzigate.

Surely the editors at BBC Scotland and the press have the list of members of this group. If they do and they do nothing about, then they are guilty of undemocratic actions too.

In just the last few days, we’ve seen four members of the group appear to bad mouth the SNP. If they had any confidence in their arguments, surely they’d admit to their membership.