Two Scotland in Union secret writing group members appear together in Herald letters page

Two days before his appearance today fibbing frothily with Kaye Adams, Allan Sutherland was in the Herald with an astonishing, inaccurate and apparently deranged rant, of the kind you might expect in a pub but not even in a tabloid’s letters page. Read it [ above]. It’s frankly amazing. No self-respecting editor would publish such a thing.

But, then, right alongside is a letter from another member of the group, David Bone, with what looks like co-ordinated comments on jacuzzigate.

Surely the editors at BBC Scotland and the press have the list of members of this group. If they do and they do nothing about, then they are guilty of undemocratic actions too.

In just the last few days, we’ve seen four members of the group appear to bad mouth the SNP. If they had any confidence in their arguments, surely they’d admit to their membership.

6 thoughts on “Two Scotland in Union secret writing group members appear together in Herald letters page”

  1. A Sutherland I suppose the same one is a regular writer in the Tory P&J spouting his anti SNP along with another 2 Larkin and Philip always SNP bad.

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  2. They are secret service recruits
    Do not doubt this Westminster running scared now and every dirty trick in their books along with their mad dogs are being unleashed now
    Know thy Foe

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  3. In the last few weeks the BBC in Scotland have been encouraging Scots to travel in Aluminum tubes to foreign countries.
    Go over the border to drink in English Pubs.
    This morning doing their damnest to encourage shoppers not to wear face coverings. Telling John Swinney the face covering law would bring the law into disreput ( as people won’t wear them)

    Contrast this with Englands news channel. Radio4
    Last night talking to the American think tank that at beginning of Lockdown predicted UK would have worst death rate in EU.
    Now this think tank is predicting if UK achieves 95% adherance of wearing face coverings in public there will be 20,000 LESS desths by October / November (this year) than if current low level’s are continued.

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  4. How very sinister indeed. SiU appear to be a rather underhand, unaccountable organisation.

    The Britnats are desperate, they can’t stop N.Sturgeon appearing on the TV, not with this pandemic happening. It’s their idea of a nightmare, people being able to see and hear their democratically elected First Minister, every day, giving them up to date honest, reasoned, sensible and scientific information. How could this be, how could this happen, noooooo!

    The alternative, a nightmare of a Britnat party in Scotland doing this job is terrifying, which is why they are taking the mickey with their faux concern writing fake letters to the papers. ‘Where’s the opposition’, lol!

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    1. Agreed – you missed refusing to get drawn into party political sniping and refusing to use people’s misery to promote even a cause she believes in without letting the false information stand.

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