Letter to the Chief Executive of Scotland in Union

To: Ms Pamela Nash, Chief Executive, Scotland in Union info@scotlandinunion.co.uk

cc: Ms Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister Nicola.Sturgeon.msp@parliament.scot

Transparency and accuracy in political campaigning

Dear Ms Nash

I write to you as the leader of Scotland’s largest pro-UK campaign group, to seek your help in promoting better political communication, providing members of the electorate with the transparency and accuracy they deserve and thus helping them to make informed decisions. I feel sure that as a former MP and as a democrat, you will agree with me, on the great importance of protecting these central principles of our democratic system.

I note that your group has a fact check system, further suggesting that this matters to you as much as it does to me.

I have two points to make.

Firstly, seeing recent ‘reader’s’ letters in Scottish newspapers and hearing calls to Radio Scotland, from members of your covert writing group, I have been concerned that none have mentioned their membership of Scotland in Union. I hope you will agree that this breaches the trust which members of the electorate should be able to put in all campaigners.

I attach evidence of the existence of this group and its apparent intention to deceive journalists and the public.

Secondly, I have been concerned by the inaccuracy of the content of the letters and statements made recently by Phil Tate, Professor Emerita Gill Stephenson, Allan Sutherland and David Bone. In every case, false statements were made.  I won’t distract from the main issue here, lack of transparency, and point to these but suggest that in the interests of the reputation of your group you introduce some editorial control.

Yours sincerely,

Professor John Robertson (rtd)


16 thoughts on “Letter to the Chief Executive of Scotland in Union”

  1. Thank you John
    It matters not you skin rabbit
    As long its skin is taken off
    Lets hope they have the wisdom to respond in a manner that befits the
    Seriousness of their malign activities
    Intentional or not
    Do NOT let this matter rest

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  2. I read that first line as though you were claiming to be the leader of Scotland’s largest pro-UK campaign group… Jeez. Ambiguity is not my favourite thing in the morning, I really did think I’d dropped into an alternate universe for a few minutes there.

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  3. Well said John.
    I wonder if years of covert media activity by members of Scotland in Union, obviously with that organisations blessings, would be enough to prohibit them, by the Electoral Commission, from playing any part in indyref2?
    It might be an idea to copy your missive to the E.C.

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    1. As I understand the situation, the SG is contributing to the media’s revenue by placing adds in the paper. I don’t buy the papers so can’t confirm, but it seems, if true, infinitely sensible to do so, particularly if it relates to the Covid crisis. Can anyone verify this.

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  4. I agree, the Electoral Commission need to be aware of this SIU mob and their activities brought out into the open.

    Keep nailing them, john!

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  5. Well done John,time they were exposed to public scrutiny.
    Which union are they referring to?
    Scotland in England’s union or Scotland in Europe’s?
    Perhaps they just support the idea of Scotland being in any union.
    Their government in London is actively pursuing the possibility of Scotland
    being in the North American union to all intents and purposes.
    What next,Russia’s?

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  6. I am mentioned in your letter. Can you give me any examples and evidenceevidence of my factual errors?
    Best regards
    Allan Sutherland


  7. I am mentioned in your Scotland In Union letter. Can you give me any examples of the “false statements” that I made?
    I don’t knowingly make false statements.
    Allan Sutherland


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