23 thoughts on “Scotland in Union: Letter to Kaye Adams”

  1. She’s probably a member. However, I await her response, to both your letter and SiU’s “duplicity”.

    Won’t hold my breath, though!

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  2. There’s more to Kaye than you’d expect. Hon. Degree in economics and politics Edinburgh University, she’s far from the air head she appears.

    Also attended a fee paying school.
    On her radio programme she is always even handed with politicians of every hue. So I’m sure you will get a reasonable response .

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    1. Honorary degree? Fee paying school? Tells us nothing about her, other than a certain amount of relative privilege has been awarded her.

      I very much doubt she will respond in a balanced transparent manner.

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      1. Honours Degree or honorary Degree , that is the question?
        If the latter , it adds academic weight to her status . Trump had an honorary degree from a Scottish university , subsequently withdrawn .

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      2. An Honours degree in politics tells you she had an interest in politics as a young person, plus sufficient intelligence to graduate.

        A qualification in Politics, gift of the gab, all the ingredients for a skilled propagandist.

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      3. Well then she should have suffice intelligence to know that once we Indy
        She will have to revise her CV
        in order to gain the only employment
        That should suit her
        In stacking shelves or cleaning toilets in ASDA
        then it shall dawn on her
        That her mouth is not that of Loose Woman
        But that of
        A Loose Cannon
        That backfires upon her


  3. Don’t hold your breath Prof ., she will dismiss it , you might get a two liner back , Adam’s chooses her guests with care , she knows their affiliations , she is very anti SNP , your gubbed 😫

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  4. Great work John
    Never ever yield to their LIES no matter how they attempt to disguise them
    They are and always shall be Wolves in Sheeps clothing

    Stand your ground and if they fail to respond in a appropriate manner and admission that Lies were broadcast
    Then leave them with 1 final communication stating that their response was woefully lacking
    May I suggest you head such letter with
    such informs the recipient that you and the content is a most serious matter
    And never be withdrawn and shall now be
    On the Official record
    Only a fool ignores those Bold Words
    And if it responds then their words MUST be chosen with the utmost of caution

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  5. After all the frothing about Spain on Repressing Scotland, Kaye Adams and the rest of the colonial media, it seems only 17% of UK people plan on holidaying abroad.
    Its the same with pubs or eating out etc. The public are more cautious than Brit Nat/Toadie politicians, who think “money not mortality”.

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  6. Good stuff – did you put a ‘confirm when read’ thingy on it so you know she received and read it? If any of it ever goes to court it’s handy to have as evidence that she carried on knowingly deceiving the public.

    Nice one Clydebuild ‘always even handed’ 😀

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      1. Sorry, I must have panicked you there, I don’t mean like in the Wightman case, I mean that if anyone takes the BBC to court in the future, and those people working in it are ever held to account, you could have a ton of evidence there .


      2. Possibly
        And that is why i suggested if you find the response inadequate
        You head it as prev.stated
        Any organisation and responsible person acting on their behalf
        Will seek legal advice prior to crafting a reply
        I used such a good few times in my Business years
        It is a warning shot across their Bows
        That they ignore at the utmost of their
        I only ever implemented such when you were as certain of your position as you could be
        Never once did I ever receive a inadequate response
        Quite simply you have now placed your position firmly on the record
        And the only place that shall make you
        Withdraw is a court of Law
        And in this case they were Lying beyond all doubt and The ABC (BBC)
        Let the Lies and mistruth be said without challenge or correction their after
        The only way out is for K.Adams and her Editor is to issue a apology and correction live on air and not only that but to state what the actual Facts pertained at the relevant date
        Hunt them down as a Great White Shark hunts
        Your jaws and teeth are formidable


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