No stomach for the fight

Imagine, you’re in a leftist pro-independence campaigning group.

You hear the leaders of the Scottish Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems telling outright lies every day in a desperate attempt to cling onto their diminishing support and to undermine the independence movement by constructing fake evidence of the SNP administration’s supposed incompetence.

You can see, under their rule in England and Wales, the shocking proof in lives lost, of their own parties’ inability to fight a pandemic.

You read reports across the media making the same distorted arguments.

You watch English MPs regularly abusing democratically elected representatives of the Scottish people.

You see in repeated opinion polls, strong and growing support for the SNP.

So, what do you do to further the cause of independence which you claim to support?

You, with a tiny support base, attack the SNP administration because you find fault with something they do in government or because they don’t listen to your advice because they think having more than 70 times the support of your RISE electoral alliance, allows them to do so.

Today, you join those same opposition leaders and media in the campaign, led by the Sun’s Chris Musson, to attack the performance record of the Test and Protect system fighting to control outbreaks. With them you try to lower public confidence with the inevitable impact on compliance and risk to lives.

I’ve done this before, today, but one more time, here are the facts:

Fact 1: In May, SAGE called for 80% of positive cases contacted within 48hours:

There is no 24 hour target.

Fact 2: The Sun’s Chris Musson claimed that: Corrected data shows that in five of eight weeks in September and October, Test and Protect staff failed to contact about half of positive cases within 24 hours of  being notified of swab results but he was wrong to use the 24 hour ‘target’ as no such target has ever been agreed.

Fact 3: In the weeks Musson chose, the percentage contacted within 48 hours was:

Week ending: %

6 Sept: 81.7%

13 : 86.8%

20: 90%

27: 74%

4 Oct: 79.7%

11: 83.5%

18: 91%

25: 86.7%

Fact 4: Even if we accepted the 24 hour ‘target’, Musson was wrong as only in 2 weeks, 27 Sep and 4 Oct, did Test and Protect staff fail to contact 50% or more in 24 hours.

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2 thoughts on “No stomach for the fight

  1. ‘Journalist’ and statistics are not a good pairing. Most cannot analyse figures. The make glaring errors. Totally distorted information. By election or design. No one believes them anymore. Readership declining.

    The reality of people’s lives are test centres in operation. Anyone who needs it gets one. Friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. People are isolating. Many tests are negative.

    People are being contracted. People are contacting each other. Those who need to are isolating. People are responsible. They care about each other. The deaths have been kept down, wherever possible.


  2. Unfortunately,those who hold narrow political objectives on both the left and right of the political spectrum,will always seek to pick fault with others deemed to be unworthy of their support.
    Anyone who is a close relationship with someone else knows the importance of compromise.

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