As the ‘storm’ misses us, will Scotland’s ‘Leading Physicians’ write again ?

From STV ten days ago:

A national strategy to manage hospitals during the second wave of Covid-19 is needed to ensure the NHS stays afloat through the “impending winter storm”, leading physicians have said. They warned that, unless Covid-19 is managed effectively in the country’s hospitals, “we cannot safely provide essential and elective care”. In a letter to The Times they wrote that their members are seeing a rapidly rising number of patients with Covid-19 being admitted to hospitals. In the letter, the presidents of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh and the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh welcomed measures being implemented to reduce community transmission.

The leading physicians were misrepresenting the figures even then and their prediction of a storm is well-out now:

Ten days ago, on the 4th of November, admissions to hospital had been falling for 7 days and admissions to ICU had been flat for three weeks.

Both continue to fall.

Had the leading Scottish physicians been reading their Royal College news releases for NHS England?

Will the leading physicians write again to reassure the public that the storm has missed us?

2 thoughts on “As the ‘storm’ misses us, will Scotland’s ‘Leading Physicians’ write again ?

  1. Place your bets on Boris removing the restrictions
    All so that The English can have a wheeze of a Christmas
    All because one his advisors will tell him it is a sure fire vote winner and in line with taking back control 1 week after when we crash out of EU
    ABC will be marshalled into line by reporting how Johnny Rotten Foreigner are having a miserable Christmas Lock Down
    After all consider the money that can be made in the Annual Orgy of consumerism
    And a leaf out of the collapsing Roman Empire play book of Bread and Humour
    All fits in neatly with the classical education of Boris


  2. Of course they will write again and the media will continue to call them ‘top’ or ‘leading’ and will make no reference to previous lurid statements. It is about creating an impression in the mind at the moment and knowing that the headline will stick with some of us.

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