The National’s Professionalism

A pro-independence newspaper gives space to the UK Government in Scotland, to confuse the message on Covid-prevention.

Money doesn’t talk it lies.

The National is a corporate project to make money and so requires ‘professional’ staff who will serve that same priority.

They’ll attempt to cover it with notions of balanced ‘professional’ journalism:

Their first editor made that clear at the time:

The National’s Richard Walker: ‘We can and will be critical of the SNP’: Libby Brooks

Every so often, something will appear to weaken the cause:

Should the National have denied the BMA the chance to spread anxiety about NHS Scotland?

Scotsman, Herald and National (!) contradicted as evidence shows Scottish Ambulance Service in ‘excellent condition’

EIS survey on Scottish teacher stress is stupidly covered in National then disappears before leading academic can mark it its ‘methods.’

Both BBC Scotland and the ‘pro-Independence’ Sunday National use unpublished or unreliable evidence to accuse Scottish schools of ‘unlawful’ actions

11 thoughts on “The National’s Professionalism

  1. The National like the rest of the print media are facing hard times and offers of funding can be difficult to resist. In addition it is part of the Herald Group and I suspect such decisions are made at corporate level.

    I think that the readers of the National and of this site are savvy enough to see the inserts for what they are and, as I have done used such p[ages to add to the cat’s litter tray.

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  2. More on the press – a tale of trying too hard to reassure?

    You have to marvel at the ways the Unionist press goes out of its way to frame stories about Scotland and its progress towards self-determination,. You have to marvel at how even when having to acknowledge an (unwelcome) positive they contort to cast doubt on, to diminish the positive (presumably) to ‘reassure’ readers.

    Today (18 October) the Guardian online has an article headlined: “Young Scots rally to independence banner for 2021 elections”. There follows a series of profiles of young people from the SNP, the Greens, and Labour telling of their support for Scotland’s independence and of decisions to seek election in 2021 to the Scottish Parliament. The article also refers to a recent poll that found 79% of 16- to 24-year-olds and 68% of 25- to 34-year-olds would support independence.

    So far in line with the headline. However getting back to my opening remarks, I have omitted to share the article’s sub-heading, the framing introduced immediately below the headline, which states:

    “Some Holyrood hopefuls were still at school during the 2014 referendum but there is DOUBT OVER THE SCALE OF THEIR SUPPORT.” (my emphasis).”

    From the overall thrust of the article, this is clearly referring to doubt about support for independence amongst younger voters.

    Towards the end of the article we get the counter from a younger Tory displaying the same old backward looking British Nationalism. However, more interestingly we hear from an academic expert: his view seems to be the basis of the “doubt over the scale of their support” frame used in the heading. We are told:

    “Dr Iain MacLeod, lecturer in politics and strategy at Robert Gordon University, urges caution over reading too much into polling due to small sample sizes and generally lower turnout among young people. However, he said, “the overall findings of the poll (referred to in the article) across all age-groups certainly seem consistent with other recent polls, all of which have shown that support for independence is moving upwards.”

    Reading that paragraph again, carefully, suggests to me that the Guardian has represented this academic’s input as contradictory – hardly welcome professionally I would have thought – and then gone on to use this as the hook on which to hang the insertion of ‘doubt’ in the heading of the article. Desperate times!

    And on any reassurance the Guardian’s Unionist readers may be clinging to around turnout, it would have been helpful if Dr MacLeod had recalled for them the conclusions of an article he contributed to in 2015 entitled: “The Scottish independence referendum shows that young people can be mobilized politically given the right circumstances.” I strongly suspect with all that is impacting Scottish politics presently that circumstances are ‘right’ again.


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    1. The Guardian article referred to above does have one notable finding to report. In profiling a young Scottish Labour activist, we learn this:

      “So many young people support independence, and if you want a left-leaning Labour party then you’re not going to get it by chasing an ageing cohort of more socially conservative unionists,” said Patricia Johnston, 24, who is standing to be a candidate for Labour in the Lothian region. “If voters keep returning pro-independence majorities, I think it’s pretty clear what they’re saying to us.”

      And the article adds: “Having voted no in 2014, it was the 2019 general election result which changed Johnston’s mind on independence. “Most young members I know are agnostic or pro-independence,” she said, pointing particularly to the influx of members under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. “But people definitely feel there’s a disincentive to talking about it within the party.”

      I wish the young woman well but how will such views go down with a SLAB candidate selection panel?

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  3. We cannot trust ANY of the MSM. The simple test is that more than half the population support Independence yet the content of our media is not only negative about Independence it constantly portrays a negative image of Scotland.

    Given that they are supposed to be journalists then the content contradicts that job title.

    The National is a Trojan Horse. It is designed to gain your trust and then whisper doubt in your ear.

    Billionaires and Politicians in London control all media. The propaganda chatter is incessant, you are “too wee, too poor and too stupid”.

    Ask yourself why money is being poured into The Herald, The Scotsman, The P&J, The Courier, etc etc. Their sales plummet because they do not cater for the politics of the people…who is funding their continuation?…and more importantly why”

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    1. Absolutely, the ‘National’ is and was started by the BritNats to garner the trust of independence supporters, but was and is no friend of the SNP, the actual party of independence. Expect the creeping negatives to be ramped up in next few months. It’s classic tactic, know your enemy inside out, bring them into your fold by deception, sow doubt bit by bit, faux allegiance to the cause, job done. The BritNats win while appearing to be fair, democratic and equal. Can’t argue with that…It’s not too far fetched, just need to see the wood for the trees, (did I get that the right way round?!).


  4. Trust in your own opinions. I suspect that independence (which is coming) will be a turning point for the media that operates in Scotland.
    Some will collapse as “dark money” disappears.
    Some will no longer have a “Scottish” edition.
    Some will carry on, hopefully getting behind our new, old, country. If they do, then they will gain a new audience.
    Newspapers are still important.
    Proper journalism is a necessity in a democracy, and Scotland has had none for years!
    I would not tax newspapers ( owned locally), operating on certain set principles, and non-profiteering.

    !Let a hundred flowers bloom”!


    1. “Proper journalism is a necessity in a democracy, and Scotland has had none for years”

      Well said.

      It’s not journalism! It’s another countries propaganda.


  5. I’ve been a bit unhappy with many aspects of the National’s reporting and it’s so-called support for Independence – but what alternative is there?
    However I’ve decided to give up on it for a while.


    1. I support the paper. The front page headlines are good, people see them on the news racks. Probably the only pro independence message many folk will see all day.


  6. Biggest sales Record and the Sun. they were supporting Nicola,(1/2 Million). Way to go mass support for SNP from the public.National 10,000

    Give more SNP/Independence support. More readers. Positive.


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