Covid Testing Delays due to UK Government’s privatised labs!

Yes, yes, the lab is in Glasgow but that’s not what’s important and BBC Scotland knew that as they instinctively, perhaps consciously, sought to headline the story to deflect criticism away from the UK Government’s troubled, privatised, system and onto the Scottish Government.

Clearly, that was the best they could do and those who read on will see the truth:

A delay to the publication of Covid test results was caused by a “testing capacity issue”, the Scottish government has said. The issue with the UK government Lighthouse lab in Glasgow has caused 64,000 tests to be re-routed to other sites.

Surprise, surprise, the Herald does the same trick:

Depending on which research you read, up to 80% only read the headline and around 60% of what appears in inboxes is not even clicked on:

Study Confirms Most People Share Articles Based Only On Headlines

7 thoughts on “Covid Testing Delays due to UK Government’s privatised labs!

  1. This article on the BBC site is of a piece with the feature the Nine did on test and trace. In the early days, the Nine was considerably more journalistically rigorous than Reporting Scotland ever was, but, recently it has become more interchangeable with RS, GMS, Drivetime, with presenters now being interchangeable. With a number of the old guard in News and Current Affairs taking early retirement I suspect that overtly toeing the British Nationalist line might increase chances of preferment.

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    1. Yup, the BEEB in Scotland now has a cast of interchangeable, identikit British appologista’s rather than journalists.

      I wonder what % of our licence is spent here now in comparison with per capita spend in England and Wales?

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      1. I believe it is now around 69% up from 55% a couple of years ago. Maybe the increased spend is down to the new channel.

        Total ltv icence income from Scotland is around £350 million.

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    2. John
      No need to suspect
      MI5 now solely in charge and control of output
      Just like Dr.Goebbels was in Nazi Germany
      Just that here it is more subtle no need for jack boots
      Rooth the mooth soon in house of lords
      Dross is too dumb and soon the hand up the
      Puppets anus will find another one for which to bump the gums

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  2. Their agenda remains clear enough, SG’s fault by inference even if it’s raining off Pensacola or isn’t off Caracas….
    Their problem as highlighted before is in deluging the public in pigeon excretions etc almost incessantly, they’ve become associated with lying so nobody believes a word, never good for a propaganda outfit…
    All they can do is rebrand under a different name nobody recognises like Sellafield or GCHQ..

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