Second Trump golf course approved by 8 Unionists against 4 SNP members

The BBC Scotland report tells us:

The construction of a second golf course at President Donald Trump’s Aberdeenshire resort has been approved. The 18-hole MacLeod course is to be built to the south and west of the controversial original course at Menie, built in 2012. It is named after his mother Mary Anne MacLeod, who was born on Lewis but emigrated to New York. Councillors gave construction the go-ahead on Friday, despite local objections.

They do tell us about the locals and SEPA objecting but don’t tell us about the committee which made the decision.

There are 12 members. 4 are SNP. They voted 8 to 4 in favour.

What’s your guess?

10 thoughts on “Second Trump golf course approved by 8 Unionists against 4 SNP members

  1. My 1st wife father was born and reared in the same crofting village as The Great Donald,s
    And for any who know well the crofters of Lewis
    Because if you care to ask any of them as to
    What they think of Donald
    Then you are met with a blank stare
    None will comment
    And that I assure you is the most damming
    Indictment one can ever receive
    Silence means HELL is your destiny


    1. My recollection was The Donald meeting his relatives, and departing immediately. As if he were embarrassed by his genetic inheritance—though it’s his German grandfather he should have been ashamed of.


      1. Gavinochilltree
        His mother was basically a decent person
        Tis his father who was the bad one that has had terrible consequences as far as Donald concerned
        Show me the boy of 7 and i will show you the man


  2. I have always been curious as to what Wee Joke MaCoalbunker told Trump when he was flying him around Scotland on his publicly funded helicopter trips.
    Did he say –“Scotland belongs to Labour. Anything you want can be yours–through me, Jack MacConnell”.
    “Though I’d have to ask Broonie first–he is the King of Scotland, you know”! Then hubris came to Scottish Labour.

    It’s unfashionable, but Trump had the personality to be a great President–the ability to reach people, to inspire them to greater things.

    Sadly his character is deeply flawed, and he cannot overcome his ego, greed, insecurity, selfishness, childishness, self-regarding, narrow-minded, adulation of dictators, lying, sell you a bridge, downright nasty rotten bastard.—and those are his good points!




  4. Trump is threatening (more like promising I hope) to leave the US of A if he is not re- elected as Liar in Chief.
    The UK of E will welcome him with open arms,perhaps even invite him to replace BoJo once he gets Brexit done?
    But not Scotland and I very much doubt Germany.


  5. This Development was supported by the whole of the NE/Scotland The people, the businesses, etc. A majority of 9 to 1. When the LibDem Forbes aka a now Green councillor voted against it as the Chairman of the Infrastructure committee. There was uproar for good reason. The estate had been a shooting estate, owned by an American. Oil business, No one could go on it. The councillor had helped stopped the building of the by pass road and the airport expansion for 11 years. The AWPR waited for, for forty years. The unionists voted against it. While all the Oil revenues went south. Alex Salmond and the SNP got it built.

    A Green mascaraing as a LibDem to get elected. Just as the Tory landowner’s do, A local railway station has just been opened at a cost of £15Million+. A cycle route costs £Millions on an old railway line. Hardly a bike ever seen on it. Cycle lanes all along the beach front. Such a mess it will cause accidents. There was more room before. The road has been so narrowed. The Illegal council spent £1.7million making the biggest mess imaginable. In line with their other catastrophic decisions.

    The Tory convicted molester, suspended Councillor. Wandering the world on full remuneration. A former Tory Councillor living in Dubai for six months.The illegal council kept in place by one vote. A two job Tory. The absolute corruption rife. Spending borrowed monies like there was no tomorrow ruining the City.

    Trump has invested over £26Million in the prestige project supported by the locals and the Scottish community. Put the area on the map for economic development. There are houses being built all around the area in any case. Local farmers etc were paid £Millions for their land. The house developing planning was given to mitigate for the cost of building the coarse. Ie in line with Scottish planning Laws and guidelines. Not building a massive hotel is in keeping with landscape.

    A smaller development is still appreciated and will bring tourism and visitors to the area. It has to diversify in accordance with the local plan amid the oil slump which still affects the area. Investment being created in renewables. The wind turbines supported by Alex Salmond and the SNP.

    Trump plans to make a packet. Building the houses and time shares but it still brings economic development and business to the area. Instead of a shooting estate. There are houses being built in any case in the area by other builders. Trump does not support illegal wars but tries to negotiate in times of strife or crisis.

    It was Alex Salmond and the Scottish Gov who called in the Plans So the Development could come to fruition. The majority of constituents in the area protested so much in favour of the Development. Alex Salmond and the rest of the unionists politicians had to act to bring the Project to realisation. After £Millions of public monies were wasted by the dissenters. It is a beautifully laid out landscaped green place. An oasis in a desert of barren land. Conservation is prevalent to save the dunes which are eroding. Still 26 miles of virgin beach and sand dunes. A major tourist attraction. The Development is up the coast unnoticeable. Unless by drone.

    The lies, nonsense and propaganda sprouted about the Development by those in ignorance is beyond comprehension. There was already a public inquiry costing £Millions. Instigated by the few dissenters. Then they started to complain about £2Million being cut from education. After they had wasted £2Million+ instigating the Inquiry. The locals supported it and the building of a new school. Still not started because of the unionist council inaction. Landowner’s and profiteers ripping off the public purse with impunity. The reason they are in politics. Dire.

    The BBC and Sky misreporting again.


  6. The SNP members who voted against probably wanted a revised plan. Ie some restriction. A smallerbamount of construction done. Although Alex Salmond abd the SNP totally supported the original Inquiry and the findings. The Reporter mitigating the cost by building 500 houses. 2011.

    The discussions have changed over the years of intervention. Council members have changed as well. Some voted out some voted in. The local SNP councillor now Westminster MP. The SNP just won the by election by 25 votes. Shows how necessary campaigning and donating etc becomes. With small majority swings, Either way. The SNP had great plans for the area but lost control by one member. One vote was all that was in it for the return of disastrous unionist policies. Council representation.


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